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online creative writing classes for nonfiction and poetry, Poetry writing, nonfiction writing, writing classes, writing courses, mindfulness writing, healing writing, Boston writing
online creative writing classes for nonfiction and poetry, Poetry writing, nonfiction writing, writing classes, writing courses, mindfulness writing, healing writing, Boston writing

“At last I discovered a writing mentor, Nadia Colburn, who dares to value both the craft of writing and one’s personal journey of body, mind, spirit and voice.”

Jennie Meyer

online creative writing classes for nonfiction and memoirs, Poetry writing, nonfiction writing, writing classes, writing courses, mindfulness writing, healing writing, Boston writing

About Me

Writing Coach & Development Coach 

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m passionate about helping people access their authentic voice and write their best work. I’ve worked with thousands of students and offer in-person creative writing classes in the Boston MA area, online writing classes that often bring together meditation, yoga and writing, in-person retreats, and one-on-one coaching.

I have seen again and again that we write our best work when we bring our full selves to our writing and attend to both craft and process, the mind and the body.

In my own writing, I explore questions of the body, motherhood, trauma, healing, social and environmental justice, and the power of story and language themselves.

Poetry was my first love. My full-length poetry collection, The High Shelf,  was published in the fall of 2019. Chase Twichell, author of Things As It Is, wrote of the collection: “Spare, brilliant, and open-hearted, these poems do what we most need art to do in this perilous age: they show how the mind invents both itself and its world, and thus where our responsibility lies. This is a book that will reward both readers of poetry and those seeking insight into suffering and resilience. An exhilarating read.”

In my early thirties, I fell in love with creative nonfiction—personal essays and lyric memoir. We live in a world peopled by the stories that we tell, and I want to tell true stories, authentic stories, healing stories, stories that help us see and feel and live differently, stories that do not shy away from the difficult or painful, but that shed light and clarity and a new creative vision on and for our world.

My poetry and prose have won awards and been widely published in such places as The New Yorker, The Kenyon Review, LA Review of Books, Lion’s Roar, Spirituality & Health, Boston Globe Magazine and more than 80 other places.

I bring together my more traditional academic background with a more holistic, mindful approach. I have a BA from Harvard and a Ph.D. in English from Columbia University. I’m also a serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Kundalini yoga teacher, an activist for peace, equity and the environment, a mother and wife, daughter, sister and friend. I’ve also done my fair share of personal healing, online creative writing classes and growth.

I have a wide variety of programs and can develop programs suited to your individual needs. Please reach out to me with any questions!

“Nadia Colburn is truly one of those very great teachers”

Pam Boll

Align Your Story: Writing Workshop For Women

The workshop opens for enrollment only once a year.
Sign up to be notified as soon as enrollment opens.

The Premium Plan with one-on-one coaching
is open for enrollment year round

Contact me to see if you’re good fit for the program.

ALIGN YOUR STORY is an online course/writing retreat to help you break through blocks, connect with your authentic voice and story with more ease and power. The course brings together reading and writing with mindfulness, meditation and yoga and integrates the best of the mind, body and spirit. Study authors such as Rumi, Tolstoy, Mary Oliver; write your most skillful, authentic and powerful work; and bring your writing—and your life—into alignment. Once you enroll, you have access for life. Use the structure provided or go at your own pace.

Go deep inside, connect with community, cultivate your craft.

The class is designed for writers of all genres and all levels and for people with all levels of meditation and/or yoga experience.

Come with an open mind ready to dive a little deeper, play a little harder, relax with a little more freedom, and take your work to the next level. 

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“Taking Nadia’s class changed my life and I do not exaggerate when I say ​it was how I found my true life, my true self.”

Joanne Reynolds

Looking For Creative Writing Classes in Boston?

If you’re searching for “creative writing classes near me,” I offer some of the best writing classes in the Boston area.

Do you want to join a strong, respectful community of poets and creative nonfiction writers?

Do you want to tap into your creativity and expand your unique voice?

These courses focus on process, content and craft, and use mindfulness techniques, as well as my experience as an award-winning writer, editor and scholar to help you produce your most enduring, forceful and original work.

Space is limited! Classes are between 7-9 students to allow for plenty of individualized attention and real community. 

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Learn the 7 Essential Steps torevitalize your writing, get through blocks and write what you want to write!

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Lifetime access to this tool for writers and more in my resource library

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