50+ Powerful Healing Affirmations

path through field and text: 50+ healing affirmations
Nadia Colburn // November 17, 2022 // 19 Comments

Healing Affirmations: What They Are

Healing affirmations are assertions of truth about the reality and possibility of healing. They have been shown in scientific studies to be effective and to have positive impacts on health, emotional well being, and external levels of success and fulfillment. 

Healing Affirmations : How to Use Them and Why They Work

Healing affirmations can be used any time you want to balance and replace negative thinking with positive thinking so that you can be more prone to encourage, nourish and receive those positive healing benefits. 

Healing affirmations can help enforce and speed healing on all levels— physical, emotional, creative, social, or even political. 

We act according to our beliefs. If someone tells us there is gold treasure buried under a tree, we might get out our shovel and dig, but otherwise, because we have no reason to think there is gold there, we won’t dig. 

Too often, we limit our own potential for healing and growth we don’t really believe they are possible. We limit ourselves consciously, unconsciously, and also on a physical level. Negative beliefs cause stress which actively impedes our immune system and depletes our energy. 

By contrast, when we nourish our capacity for healing, we improve our immune system and encourage healing. 

There’s a famous story about two wolves: A Cherokee grandfather tells his grandson that inside each person there are two wolves: one, a wolf of anger, rage, jealousy and the other, a wolf of peace, love and kindness, and the two wolves are fighting. When the grandson asks which will win, the grandfather responds, the one you feed. 

To offer healing affirmations is to help feed the wolf of healing.

Healing Affirmations and the Role of the Creative Imagination:

The work of listening to and transforming our inner stories is also deeply connected to our work as creative beings. 

As creative beings, and especially for artists and writers, it’s our job to look at the stories of the past, examine them, see which ones we want to keep, and which ones we want to replace. Then it’s up to us to tell new stories. 

Our stories, our habits of mind, the language we use, are our power.

What this does not mean is that if we tell positive stories, only positive things will happen to us. I find it both offensive and dangerous when people seem to suggest that good things happen to good people, or that people’s thinking is responsible for their suffering, illness, poverty, etc.

Our internal story is only one of the many storylines that we are living in; we are all part of and shaped by countless stories— personal, cultural, historical, biological, ecological, etc.

Acknowledging the power of our stories also does not mean that if we say positive things, we can deny or bypass pain and difficulties. Our strength and growth must be rooted in truth and in the full range of our experiences and narrative.

But how we respond to what happens to us is part of our potential, and how we respond also shapes the outcome–we get to feed our positive potential instead of our negative.

Healing Affirmations:

blueberries growing

You can read through these affirmations and repeat them to yourself or choose a few that resonate with you and repeat them to yourself. 

Practice with these affirmations. And create some of your own. 

Healing Affirmations for Physical Health

  • My body is a miracle.
  • My body is part of the natural world and a unique and beautiful sacred creation to cherish. 
  • My body and my soul inter-are. 
  • I thank my body for breathing.
  • I thank my eyes for seeing and my ears for hearing, my nose for smelling, and my tongue for tasting, my body for feeling and my mind for thinking. 
  • If any of my senses don’t work, I thank my other senses for doing all the amazing work they do to help me be a person in the world.
  • I thank my heart for beating.
  • I thank all of my organs, in whatever state they are in, for keeping my whole system going without my needing to think about it.
  • I thank my immune system for working to protect me.
  • My body loves me and wants to keep me alive and healthy.
  • My body is always doing the very best it can.
  • My body is deserving of love, comfort, protection, and rest.
  • My body is vital and able to heal itself.
  • My body knows how to rest and renew.
  • My body is strong and wise.
  • I love my body and I know that my body is made of love.
  • I love my sexuality and my sense of touch and excitement.
  • I love being a person in the world.
  • I am beautiful on the outside and on the inside.
  • I am worthy of full appreciation and care.

Healing Affirmations for Emotional and Spiritual Health

  • I am enough as I am.
  • I am deeply and inextricably connected to the good in the universe.
  • I am always growing and learning.
  • I don’t need to compare myself.
  • I am made of love.
  • I embrace my full emotional range, all of my feelings and give them time and space to exist freely within me, without needing to judge them or act on them.
  • I am big enough to feel my full range of emotional experience without being ruled by my emotions.
  • I am full of light and space.
  • I am able to create new possibilities and change.
  • I am not defined by my past or the past of my ancestors or teachers.
  • I am able to shape the direction I want to go in.
  • I love myself.
  • I am worthy of love and am loved. 
  • I am able to give profound love and am a creature of endless abundance.

Healing Affirmations for Creative Health

  • Creativity is meaningful, important, and valued.
  • Everyone is a creative being.
  • I am a creative being.
  • There is unlimited creative energy. 
  • I tap into that well of unlimited creative potential.
  • I can create, make change, and express whatever I want to express.
  • I am able to make beautiful, powerful works of art.
  • I appreciate my own creative life and production and others appreciate it, too.
  • I appreciate others’ creative work.
  • I honor the creative life as sacred and worthy of attention and support.
  • I trust in my creative life to work through me and to keep shining.
  • I love what I create.
  • My creative life and achievements are part of a wide community and tradition of creative production.

Healing Affirmations for Social Health

  • People care for and support one another.
  • Our social fabric values all people.  
  • Our world values peace.
  • Government is made to help people.
  • Our world runs on trust.
  • Care and connection are the engines of our systems. 
  • We have systems that keep us safe. 
  • We work together for the good. 
  • Our own health depends on the health of others and of the world and ecology around us. 
  • We inter-are. 
  • We improve and become more just, equitable, and healthy.

Healing Affirmations for Ecological Health

  • Our environment is precious. 
  • Our environment is strong and resilient.
  • We are working towards healing and health.
  • Each species in our environment is vital. 
  • Each part of the natural world works with every other. 
  • Humans are part of the natural world and are inextricable from it. 
  • We can use our wisdom to work together with the environment around us. 
  • There is an abundance of health and healing and enough for everyone. 
  • Our health and the world’s health inter-are. 
  • We are part of a vibrant, miraculous world that supports wellbeing and vitality. 

Create Your Own Healing Affirmations:

Create your own healing affirmations that resonate with you. Create new individual affirmations for the above categories and create new categories.

Guidelines to Follow for Creating Healing Affirmations:

  • Keep the statements simple
  • Use the present tense
  • Only say things that you believe are at least partly true; we want to build authenticity and trust through these affirmations
  • Write them down. 
  • Repeat them 
  • Share them with friends

Leave a comment with your thoughts, reactions, questions, insights. Let me know what experiences you’ve had with healing affirmations.  

  • Thank you for these healing affirmations. At 71, I need all of the healing and affirmation I can get. Last year I was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune condition that can blind or kill you. Over the year, I took serious medication that had potentially destructive as well as life-saving effects.

    My yoga practice deepened and I accomplished several intensive teacher trainings. I had been a professor for over thirty years and retired thinking I was done with teaching. But I’m loving beginning to teach again, this time yoga – or Sloghaaa as I’m calling it for the moment 😉 …

    I so appreciate your analysis in your email how it is that affirmations work to enhance you, not to protect you absolutely from negativity. As you point out, people are not responsible for all of the challenges that befall them.

    I’m very admiring of the breadth of your expertise, training, and knowledge. All good wishes to you. And thank you.

  • Thank you, Nadia. Your email leading to this list came on just the right day. Right away I spot a few affirmations that resonated with me and I will be able to use them in my everyday practice of this thing called life.

  • I thank my mind/body/emotional pain for coming up to be released today for in healing myself I heal others. We are all part of the New One Consciousness and work together as a collective. BJ Feeney

  • These are great- thank you! I’ve used affirmations for many years, and they help me stay in a gratitude and positive mindset.

  • Nadia, these affirmations come at such an important time. I am 2 weeks out of a total knee replacement, and it has been a serious challenge. I know recovery from these is long, painful and tricky, and as much as I thought I'd prepared for this, it's been difficult. I hope using some of these will help me stay positive.

    More importantly though, a friend has just shared that a small tumor which caused the deafness in her left ear has now doubled in size and needs to be removed. She and her husband, our best friends, are scared and sad. She has already been through multiple BIG health issues in the last 12 years.

    Anyway, I hope to share this wonderful article with her. Thank you, thank you so much for your kind and generous spirit.

    • Dear Deborah, I'm sending lots of healing wishes and thoughts to you and your friend–and peace in the process. Thank you for sharing. I'll be thinking of you.

  • Thank you Nadia,

    This blog was what I needed today. It is so easy for me to be on auto pilot. I forgot to really affirm my physical body and to be mindful with my emotions. I have been reading your blog and your articles. Thank you for all the resources!

    I recently retired after 45 years as a nurse. My physical body has taken the hit from years of carrying other peoples pain, as well as my own. I cried deeply as I affirmed my body for supporting myself and others all these years. I often pushed through the pain, on all levels, just to get through it.

    Thank you for your gifts. The students you have encountered through the years are blessed to have you. I have not found a lot of academic professionals who move into the true essence of mind, body and spirit. I have been in the medical model for so long and I have been a student of many spiritual traditions, always a seeker. So grateful I found you this morning. Spirit moves us along our path, grateful to have blown onto yours as I looked up a poem from Mary Oliver. What a gift!

  • Hello Nadia, thank you for these affirmations! I'm going through a tough time right now and affirmations and a little bit of positivity is all I need right now.

    • Hi Angel, I wish you all the best. You’ll get through this tough time, and I am glad these affirmations are a support!

  • I am very grateful to you for sharing these affirmations, all others including all of nature
    I like them very much and I am going to practice these.
    they are a beautiful gift and I will do my best to put these into action.
    great peace and harmony be with you

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