Meditation and Writing Challenge

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The challenge is no longer active, but I want to thank you for your beautiful participation! It was an honor to share the week with you! Please continue to stay in touch through the Facebook group

If you enjoyed the challenge and want to go deeper, you’ll love Write From Your Center, the Self-Paced Meditation and Writing Course that comes with lifetime accessI’d be delighted to see you in the course!

In these complicated times, we will be able to get through and see the changes we need if we stay aligned, centered, and connected to our voice. Make 2021 the year you come into an aligned writing practice—and see the shifts not only in your writing but also in your life! 

I only open this course for enrollment to the public once or at most twice a year. Sign up now with the very special sliding scale pricing for this unusual time (see more on the course page). 

Reach out with any questions you might have: [email protected]. I’d love to welcome you to the course.


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