Thank you for your beautiful participation

The challenge is no longer active, but I want to thank you for showing up.

I’d be delighted to see you continue in my ongoing meditation and writing course – Write From Your Center.

If you enjoyed the challenge, you’ll love the course, which takes you deeper and gives you long-lasting shifts in your writing life. Come into the flow and have a consistent practice to center and write your best work!

The course is open for enrollment through Thursday, June 24th.

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Take a moment to reflect on your experiences in the challenge.

What were your intentions? Did you meet them? What did you notice shifts in your relationship with your meditation and writing this week? Take a moment to look back at the pieces that you wrote.

If you didn’t have time to complete all five days, focus on what you did do, not what you didn’t, and appreciate that.

Learn more about Write From Your Center. The course gives you 31+ meditation and writing recordings. It’s a self-paced practice that can be turned into a yearlong and lifelong practice to help you get unstuck, re-center, go deeper faster, and write the work you’ve been meaning to write. The course comes with lots of bonuses and more! And it’s all on sale for a limited time with a 50% discount.

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