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If you didn’t have time to do day one yet, don’t fret.

You will find both day one and day two below. 

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I’m so excited to share this method to get you writing with more power and more ease!

I’m Nadia Colburn, an award winning creative writer, professor of literature, yoga teacher, student of Thich Nhat Hanh, mother, activist, and founder of Align Your Story.

If you have a story, a poem, a song inside of you, this is the place to be! Each day, for five days, I’m going to lead you through a short lesson and practice to help you integrate mind and body so that you can show up more fully on the page—and off. You’ll have ten days to work with the practices and can do them on your own schedule.

Each day’s lesson and practice takes roughly 20 minutes. Please look at your calendar and schedule these 20 minutes with yourself and keep your date with yourself. I promise that if you do, you’ll see real changes!


Get to Day One’s Lesson and Practice HERE

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Today we’re going to be writing from the body. Please read the quick note below about listening to your body and making any modifications that you might need: 

How to modify the yoga and listen more deeply to your body (please click to read)

I’m going to lead you in two short physical exercises today. Please modify them to suit your particular body.

This practice is largely about listening more deeply to yourself. The word “yoga” means union. When you bring mind and body together in awareness, you are practicing yoga. One of the most inspiring yoga teacher is Mathew Sanford, who became paralyzed in an accident as a child. 

So please do what is right for your body and know that it enough. 

There was a social science experiment in which there were two groups of people: one group did biceps exercises with weights every day and the other group didn’t do the physical exercises but instead spent the same amount of time imagining doing the exercises. And then there was a control group that did nothing. The control group, as expected, had no noticeable difference in their biceps. But the group that imagined doing the exercises increased their muscle mass by almost the same amount as the group that actually did the exercises! Amazing–but true. 

So if for any reason the physical movements don’t feel right to your body,  please try to do them with your mind’s eye. And then follow the prompts after that. 


If the audio doesn’t play right away, be patient. Wait a few seconds and it should begin :). If the recording stalls in the middle, it might be because your device has gone to sleep. If that happens, please unlock your device (in settings, go to brightness and display) so that the recording can continue playing for the full 20 minutes.

If you’re hard of hearing, email me for a text version.

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I look forward to being you again tomorrow 🙂

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