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The Legacy of Mary Oliver

I was delighted to be part of a tribute remembering Mary Oliver co-hosted by WBUR and The Mass Poetry Society.I join panelists Helene Atwan, Krysten Hill, and Susan Edwards to discuss Mary Oliver's work. We also discuss the impact of her work on our own writing and...

Mind Body Connection: the Power of Bringing Yoga and Writing Together

I used to think that bringing yoga and writing together would water down both the yoga and the writing, but that was because I was still operating in a traditional mindset that wanted to keep mind and body separate. Today we know how powerful it is to bring mind and body together, but we often don’t have the tools to do it. By bringing yoga and writing together, we can have more powerful mind-body integration and come into our true potential and power.

Coming to Embrace Our Stories

I was at a party recently where I met a woman who told me that she had always wanted to write her story. I could feel her enthusiasm and excitement. But then suddenly her energy quieted and she said, "But who am I to tell my story? It doesn't matter." I've had...

My Poetry Book is Coming out in Fall of 2019!

I’m VERY excited to announce that my full length poetry book, The High Shelf, will be published this fall! Publishing a book—and this book in particular—has definitely been on my bucket list, and I’m delighted that it was accepted for publication by the wonderful...

Questions of Travel…

Hello from Nepal!   I’ve been having a wonderful time here; it’s especially wonderful to be traveling with my two kids!   And Nepal is a special place—the people have been very kind, friendly and gentle.   Traveling so far away makes me feel both how large our world...


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