I’m delighted to share the The High Shelf with you! Thank you for your purchase!


A whole world goes into making a book, and I want to round out the experience of reading the book for you.
Bonus Material for The High Shelf 1

As a special thanks for buying this book in the month of October

I’ve created a package to round out your reading experience.


Bonus Material for The High Shelf 2
Reading questions to guide your reading of the book
Bonus Material for The High Shelf 3
Audio recording of my reading of ten of my favorite poems from the manuscript
Bonus Material for The High Shelf 4
Audio writing session with a prompt from the book
Bonus Material for The High Shelf 5

A pack of ten of my new poems. These poems are very different from the poems in The High Shelf. These poems give you a sense of the work I’m writing these days, and that I am able to write only because of the world I created first in The High Shelf.

The poems in this book are about motherhood and loss, love and environmental destruction. 

They’re about big questions and about silence –traumatic silence as well as grace-filled silence.

And they’re about the power of art-making and language and beauty.

I’m excited to share the world that this books creates, and I’m excited to share these supporting materials to make the reading and listening experience even richer.

And as always, please reach out to me and let me know what you think. I’m at [email protected]

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