I’m delighted to share my interview with Harrison Blum! We talk about creative, embodied buddhism, mindfulness and social justice and much more! 

Harrison is inspiring in the ways he brings his buddhist practice to life through dance, through sharing the teachings with traditionally underserved communities, and through his work as a chaplain with college students.

The editor of Dancing with Dharma, a collection of essays about dance and dharma and a strong advocate for equity in mindfulness trainings, Harrison thinks about mindfulness in creative outside-the box ways!

We talk about some topics close to my own heart:*) embodied mindfulness and creativity* ) translating the language and wisdom of the body into verbal language

*) social justice and mindfulness

*) the misrepresentation of mindfulness in a consumer culture

* ) and much more

I so enjoyed talking with Harrison, and I hope you enjoy the conversation!

You can see more about Harrison’s work at his website.

As always, I love to hear from you.

And please share this with anyone who might be interested!

with love

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