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Nadia Colburn on I Say the Sky

Featured on The Poetry Saloncast; interviewed by The Poetry Salon's Founder, Tresha Faye Haefner

I read my poems, "Memory" and "Teach Me," from I Say the Sky, and I discuss a wide range of topics, including the process of writing I Say the Sky, one of the biggest secrets about the book (!), how I came to the work of Thich Nhat Hahn, what mindfulness means to me, how my meditation practice and my writing practice are related, how I approach teaching writing, and more!

What Happens When Pregnancy & Birth are linked to Trauma?

Featured on What You Didn't Expect in Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth: Real Stories & Expert Insights

I share how my experience of pregnancy and birth shifted me into a space in which I could connect with a buried sexual trauma from my past. Part I and Part II.

image of Nadia Colburn and text Align Your Story

Nadia Colburn and Albert Flynn DeSilver

Writing as a Path Interviews

I discuss poetry, mindfulness, academia, and coming to my own path as a writer and teacher with Albert Flynn DeSilver

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Nadia Colburn on Poetic Process and Inter-Being

Featured on The Harvard Crimson

Nadia Colburn ’95 sat down with The Harvard Crimson to discuss her holistic approach to writing.

How Can We Dig Deep to Access Our Stories and Find Our Creative Voice?

Featured on talk.write.done

How can we dig deep to access our stories and find our creative voice? How can we combine analytical and creative writing? Why does academia so often ask us to leave behind the whole person? Lizzy delves into these questions with writing & development coach, teacher, writer, yogi and activist Nadia Colburn, PhD.

Talking Earth: Nadia Colburn and A. Molotkov

Featured on KBOO

Poets Nadia Colburn and Anatoly Molotkov read their recent work and discuss the relationship between poetry and war, social action, and more.

image of two women speaking on zoom

Poetry Lives in the Body: Self-Care in the Writing Process

Featured on Poet to Poet

Advice for poets working in difficult material, plus insights from the process behind my collection, The High Shelf.

Featured on Noble Mind Podcast

In this episode, we talk about the power of mindful storytelling and creativity to shape our inner and outer worlds for more peace and justice.

A Tribute to Mary Oliver

Featured on WBUR

A panel of poets whose works and lives have been impacted by Mary Oliver’s work join at WBUR CitySpace to read from her poetry, share some of their own work and participate in a Q&A moderated by Nicco Mele, co-founder of Mass Poetry.

Featured on Turning Readers Into Writers with Emma Dhesi

In our conversation Nadia shares the themes that interest her most in her poetry and nonfiction. One of those themes is motherhood, but a stronger area of interest is the idea of healing trauma through narrative. She describes her themes as exploring “waking up”. We discuss whether it can be used to heal trauma with a big T or a small t

Featured in Kripalu

Q&A about how I bring Western and Eastern philosophy into my personal practice and my teachings of yoga and writing.

Nadia Colburn Reading From The High Shelf

Hosted by Cafe Muse
Featured by Parallax Press

Live web show discussing the life and teachings of Sister Dang Nghiem, her critically acclaimed first book Healing: A Woman’s Journey from Doctor to Nun and her highly anticipated second book, Mindfulness as Medicine: A Story of Healing Body and Spirit.

Featured on Coaching From Spirit

The world we live in is shaped by the stories we tell;  when we come to understand and narrate our own stories and claim our own creative voice and vision, we become agents of change.

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