Frustrated With Your Writing? Learn the 4 Key Steps to Revitalize Your Writing

Whether you’re working on a memoir, a novel, business writing, poetry, or anything else, this masterclass is designed to get you into the flow and writing your best work.

Find strength and resilience in your writing, write the work you’ve been meaning to write, and enjoy the process!

Here is what You’ll Learn:

  • The four key steps to come out of writer’s block and come into your authentic voice
  • How to bring mind and body together for more integrated writing
  • How to expand the range of your writing voice
  • How to be more effective not only with the first draft but also with the revision process
  • How to get more comfortable with your story and put it on the page in the most effective way
  • How to write with more ease, power, and alignment

“Nadia Colburn is truly one of those very great teachers”

—Pam Boll, Director of Who Does She Think She Is

Nadia Colburn sitting on couch discussing mindful writing classes

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