Free e-course and meditation challenge​ 1Free e-course and meditation challenge

De-stress and recenter for the holidays—and beyond!

Struggle with meditation?

Learn these 3 steps to de-stress and come into a more easeful meditation practice—even if you think meditation isn’t for you!

This course is especially suited for writers and creative people!  Learn how to bring meditation and writing together for deeper practices.

This free e-course and meditation challenge is designed for beginning and experienced meditators who want to try different forms of meditation, get over bumps, and come into greater ease and acceptance. Deepen your practice—or start a new one!

DECEMBER 15-22 Self-paced. Listen to the teachings and practice with the recordings on your own schedule!


Hi! I’m Nadia Colburn.

Free e-course and meditation challenge​ 2
 I’m a serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh, vipassana meditation practioner, registered yoga teacher, award-winning writer, teacher, coach, trauma survivor, and mother.

Meditation changed my life. It reset my nervous system. It breathed new life into my relationships. But it was NOT always easy. Far from it. When I first started to meditate, I struggled—a lot. And even as an experienced meditator, I still sometimes struggle, but I have developed skills for when that happens.

I want to help take some of the challenge out of meditation so that you can experience the benefits-faster.

Meditation teachers don’t often talk about the difficulties of meditation. In this course, I’ll tell it like it is and will give you tools for a more fulfilling practice.

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