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Do you wish you were writing more? Do you wish you had a more easeful, productive writing life? 

Do you have questions about your own experiences as a writer and the writing life in general?

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This online session will get you meditating, writing, and more attuned with your writing and creative life. And there will be time to ask any questions about the writing life at the end. 

Reconnect with yourself and with a community of writers and get over whatever blocks have been holding you back.  Trust your voice, come into your purpose, and find your flow as a writer–and person!
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Are you ready to enjoy your writing life more? 

Meditating before we write allows us to get into the flow and access greater insights.

Take a break from your busy life to reconnect with yourself and a project you want to be working on.

Or come only with an open mind and be led by the prompts to discover something new.

How the class will work:

**We’ll begin with two 15-minute writing sessions.

Each session will start with a short guided meditation.

Then I’ll offer a writing prompt.

Then I’ll give you roughly 10 minutes to write.

It’s amazing how deep and insightful writing can be in only ten minutes after a meditation!

**We’ll spend 10 minutes sharing work.

Sharing writing in a supportive community, where we listen deeply to one another can be a very healing, powerful experience.

In this sharing, we’ll listen deeply, and won’t share critical feedback.

**We’ll spend the last 15-20 minutes in a question and answer session.

This is a time to ask any questions you might have about:

the writing life,

writing practices,

mindful writing,

bringing the mind and body together to tell your story,

about choosing what genre to work in,

how to deal with secrets in your writing,

finishing pieces,

getting over the anxiety of sharing your writing,

the publishing process,

or anything else.

Email me your questions in advance, and I’ll try to answer them, or ask me in the session.

This is a time to get some FREE coaching and to learn from other people’s questions as well.



    Give yourself the support you need.

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    I’m Nadia Colburn and I believe that everyone’s voice and story matters. I help women embrace the full power of their voice for a more just, sustainable world. I have seen that our inner work and our outer work must go hand in hand to get optimal results.

    I have an academic background in literature and creative writing—I have a BA from Harvard and a PhD in English from Columbia University and by my creative writing has been published in places like The New Yorker.

    I’ve taught at MIT, Lesley and Stonehill College, where I was a visiting writer, and, for the past ten years, in popular workshops around New England and in Costa Rica. I’m also a founding editor at the spirituality and social justice magazine, Anchor, published by Still Harbor, and a Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute.

    I’ve published poetry & prose in more than 80 national publications, including Spirituality & Health, American Poetry Review, Boston Globe Magazine, slate, Lion’s Roar and many other places, and my debut poetry collection, The High Shelf, is forthcoming in 2019.

    But those fancy resume lines are only a small (and I think least important) part of who I am. I’m also a serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Kundalini yoga teacher, an activist for peace, equity and the environment, a mother and wife, daughter and friend, and writing teacher and coach. And I’ve done my own fair share of personal healing and growth.

    I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and students in New England and around the world as a private coach and as a workshop leader and teacher helping them come into their full potential. I work with individual women and with groups to use mindfulness and creativity to help facilitate optimal flourishing and a vision of the self in society.

    And I want to help you tell your story and claim the full power of your creative voice.

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