For my birthday( December 5th…I turn 48!) and for the winter solstice, I’ve created a new multi-part meditation e-course and meditation challenge practice starting December 15th. The course is completely free and I’m not selling anything at the end of it.

See more and sign up for my free online meditation course here.

Free e-course and meditation challenge

I designed the course and practice for both beginning and experienced meditators who want to try different practices and come into greater ease and acceptance. You can use this to deepen your practice or start a new one!

Each day comes with a mini-lesson and a recording with a different meditation practice for you to try.

Last week, I mentioned that my Buddhist practice helped shift my relationship with gratitude. After I hit send, I was thinking about that more.

Meditation has helped me learn to be more present. And we can’t experience gratitude without being present.

In fact, we can’t experience a lot of things without being present.

For those of us who have experienced trauma, not being present was sometimes a blessing. But we don’t need to continue to run away from the present. If we live always responding to something outside of the present, we quickly become exhausted. As the Buddha reminds us, we don’t need to carry the raft with us on our backs after we’ve crossed the river; it weighs us down.

Meditation changed my life. It reset my nervous system. It breathed new life into my relationships. But it was NOT always easy. Far from it. When I first started to meditate, I struggled—a lot. And even as an experienced meditator, I still sometimes struggle, but I have developed skills for when that happens.

I want to help take some of the difficulty out of meditation so that you can experience the benefits — faster.

Meditate and reset before the holidays by signing up for this completely free online meditation course for beginners and more experienced meditators.

My Birthday Gift - To You! Free Meditation Challenge Starting December 15th 1

Meditation teachers don’t often talk about the difficulties of meditation. In this course, I’ll tell it like it is and will give you tools for a more fulfilling practice.

The course will also be helpful for more experienced practitioners who want to try new practices and get over humps.

These tools are especially helpful for writers and creative people, who too often live in our heads, not our bodies.

It’s for anyone with a busy life—moms, dads, grandparents. It’s for activists, trauma survivors, and empaths. And it’s for anyone who needs a little extra support getting through this upcoming holiday season and winter.

I’d love to share this free e-course and meditation challenge with you. We’ll start on December 15th.

Sign up for this free meditation course for beginners and more experienced meditators here.

If you think this might be of benefit to any friends or family members, please spread the love and share it with them!

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