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Free E-Book: Embrace Your Story. The 7 Essential Steps to Write with More Power and Ease

My Favorite Metta Meditation with Writing Prompts. Bring together the power of meditation and writing for greater insight and wellbeing

Yoga and Writing Prompts Video for more embodied writing

10 inspiring writing prompts for writers in any genre when you need a little extra boost. Pair them with my audio recording of Meditation One

The meditation on this audio recording is a silent breath meditation. Meditate and then write. See how your writing transforms after a mindful practice.

The second recording is a guided meditation that connects you with your body and opens you to your own creative flow before you write. 

Guide: How to Get Published in Magazines and Journals. A thorough guide that walks you through everything you need to know to get published. For both beginner and experienced writers.

Guide: How to Publish a Poetry Book. A thorough guide for poets ready to publish their poetry manuscript.

“Make Your Story A Gift”

“The Wrong I Needed To Write”

“Why It Can Be So Difficult To Come To Know Oneself”