Joy, paradoxically, can be difficult. After all we live in a complicated world! The joy module of my writing course Align Your Story is often the stickiest for students: feelings of joy also bring up feelings of guilt, fear, sorrow. We run away from our own joy. But if we learn to sit with it and write from it, we can develop our joy muscle and our ability to be fully present for the fullness of our human experience on the page and off it.

Please join me to sit and write with joy and with whatever else, without judgment, joy brings up for you tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7:30 pm (eastern standard)!

As usual, I’ll start each fifteen minutes with a meditation and then offer a writing prompt. Come be led by the prompts or come with a project you’re already working on. If you haven’t already signed up, you can sign up for the free log in information here:

Because I’ve been thinking about the trickiness of working with the emotion of joy, I wrote an essay about working with joy,  and I’m delighted to say that the essay was published just this afternoon in Elephant JournalIn the essay I discuss what Brene Brown calls “Foreboding joy,” that sense that when something good is happening, the other shoe’s about to fall. I also discuss a Wordsworth poem that I love, and I offer three steps that can help us develop our joy muscle.

I’m excited to share it the article with you! Please read it here. And if you like it please “like” it and share it

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