It’s spring equinox! We’ve already changed our clocks, and soon there will be more daylight than darkness! I feel excitement in my body: things are coming back to life! Crocuses are up in the yard!

To celebrate spring, please join me for a FREE 5 day meditation and writing challenge!

After a long, cold winter, it’s time to come back to life.
It’s time to rid yourself of your sluggish energy.
It’s time to re-center, renew and re-ignite your voice.

This five day challenge with meditation and writing is designed for everyone! Whether you’re an experienced writer and meditator or a complete beginner, the challenge will guide you through the steps of this transformational practice.

Each day, I’ll send out a new fifteen minute audio with

*a five minute guided meditation
*a writing prompt (from some of my favorite writers from Rumi to Lucille Clifton, TS Eliot and Mary Oliver)
*ten minutes of supported writing time

You’ll also be invited to join a free private community where you can ask questions, get support, share work, be inspired and make connections with writers around the world.

Come with a project you’re already working on or come back to writing for the first time in decades; the practice meets you where you are.

The practice seems simple, but it is the result of twenty years of my experience. In it, I bring together my experience as an award winning writer and professor of literature with my experience as a yoga teacher and serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Research shows that when we meditate, we come out of anxiety and stress. We reconnect with our body. Just five minutes can have a profound impact.

From that more grounded space, we can side step our nasty inner critic, get through blocks, and more easily access our insights and authentic voice and creativity.


In a world so full of stressors, it’s important that we learn again how to listen to our own voice. Rather than being led by the public discourse around us, we can tune in to our own inner voice. 

Instead of being driven by our constant to-do lists, we can take just fifteen minutes for ourselves. Rather than taking time from your busy life, you’ll be amazed at how energizing this practice can be! 

We start March 25th and end April 1st so you can decide which five days are best for you.

Here are what some people have said about the challenge:

“participating in the challenge was like going on a vacation each day”

“during the challenge, I was able to write more in ten minutes than I normally wrote in an hour writing session”

“I had a major breakthrough in my book and was able to see myself through a block that had been stopping me for months.”

“thank you, the challenge was so much fun.”

I’ll hope to see you in the challenge! Give yourself this free gift! And invite friends to join you; the challenge is even more powerful with friends!

With smiles,

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