​Friday APRIL 12-Friday APRIL 19
(choose which five days work for you)

spring’s in the air: it’s time to wake up and jumpstart your writing

The Writing Challenge Begins Friday April 12, 2019

A transformational 5-day journey

to de-stress, re-center and unlock your creative potential

WHAT: Join me in a FREE five-day meditation and writing challenge. Sign up below to get the recordings and to join the private facebook group!

WHEN: Friday April 12-Friday April 19. Early each morning, I’ll release a new recording and you can choose when in your day you practice.

HOW: Each day I’ll release a new fifteen minute audio that contains:

  • A five minute guided meditation (each day sample a different meditation),
  • A writing prompt (each day be led by a different prompt by writers such as Rumi, Mary Oliver, Lucille Clifton, T. S. Eliot to get your creative juices flowing)
  • Ten minutes of supported writing time.

WHY: Rather than being just one more thing on your to-do list, this fifteen minute practice can literally transform your day, your week, your writing practice and your sense of self. The practice is both a detox and a mental re-set. It clears your mind of the unnecessary garbage that so often takes up our inner space and it allows you to tap into your own deeper creativity.

When we take just fifteen minutes for our own emotional maintenance and creative expression, we can be more present with ourselves, more present with our kids, more efficient at work, more understanding with our co-workers and partners.

We feel happier, more in balance and we reclaim our agency and creativity. And we jumpstart the writing we are meant to be doing. After just a few minutes of meditation, our writing becomes much more clear, focused and powerful. Be led by the prompts, by poems, short prose sections, questions, and more.

Bring yourself and encourage friends to sign up with you. Come with no expectations at all come with a project you’re already working on. If you’re feeling stuck with a longer project, this practice can help you get unstuck–quickly. 

Research shows that when we meditate, we are able to quiet the part of the brain that keeps us caught in anxiety and stress. After meditation, we can come into greater insights and a greater sense of centered well-being from which to acces our authentic voice. I have seen in my own practices and in my students that when we meditate before writing, we can often do much more powerful work much more quickly

We write our best work when we’re inspired by other writing. I’ve chosen some of my favorite texts to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

When we make time and space for our full creativity to come out (with all its messiness and unpredictability), then we can access our true potential to make beautiful and meaningful things, again both individually and as a society.

I’m Nadia Colburn

I have an academic background in literature and creative writing–I have a BA from Harvard and a PhD in English from Columbia University. I’m also an award winning writer and have published poetry and prose in more than 80 national publications, including The New Yorker, Spirituality & Health, American Poetry Review, Boston Globe Magazine, slate, Lion’s Roar and many other places, and my debut poetry collection, The High Shelf, is forthcoming in 2019.

But those fancy resume lines are only a small (and I think least important) part of who I am. I’m also a serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Kundalini yoga teacher, an activist for peace, equity and the environment, a mother and wife, daughter and friend, and writing teacher and coach. And I’ve done my own fair share of personal healing and growth.

I believe that everyone’s voice and story matters, and I help women (and some men) embrace the full power of their voice for a more just, sustainable world. I have seen that our inner work and our outer work must go hand in hand to get optimal results.

I’ve seen how my students’ confidence, creativity and craft have grown, and how they have had transformations on and also off the page. I’m excited to begin to share this process with you!


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