Happy Monday, with a little extra light for those of us who are in daylight savings zones!

I’m so excited to announce that the next session of my online course, Align Your Story, will start again April 9th!

Align Your Story is a unique writing course with meditation and yoga for a more holistic  approach to accessing the fullness of our stories and creativity.  When I brought together my deep love for literature with the transformative power of meditation and yoga, I could go deeper, see farther and tap into more ease and more courage in my writing process. So I created a course that brings these modalities that are so often separate together for others.

The course is designed for writers of any level of experience (from complete beginners to professional writers working on their fifth book) and working in any genre. This is possible because the course gets at the roots of the creative life and explores techniques and the writings of some of the world’s most interesting authors and thinkers, across time and genres.

I’ve been delighted to see the students in the course grow and transform!

As one student said, “The combination of readings, writing exercises, yoga practices and meditation made me unfold layer by layer until I found me, my real me, myself. 

And another; “I feel empowered by participating in this course, as it has encouraged me to write with more courage, vulnerability, freedom, and authenticity and to appreciate the ways in which my yoga and meditation practices nourish my writing and creativity, and vice versa, linking mindful expression and reflection in an integrated process.”

Gearing up to start the course again, I’m offering a number of free meditation and writing events this month! I hope you’ll try them! They’re completely free. Just sign up to get the log in information and, if you can’t make it live (though I hope you can), a recording.

Friday March 16th from 12:30-1:30 (eastern) join me for a free call-in/video-in meditation and writing session on the theme of Working with our Stories. The session will help you come to more clarity about how your life and your writing intertwine—whatever genre you’re working in and however you want to interpret the questions. Come with a project you are already working on or be led by the prompts.

Tuesday March 21, from 7:30-8:30pm (eastern) join me for a free call-in/video-in meditation and writing session on the theme of Working with Emotions: Joy. Joy can be the hardest emotion to tap into in our writing for any number of reasons. Come with a project you are already working on or be led by the prompts.

Again,  sign up here to receive the log in information for these two free sessions and to receive the recordings!

The week from March 23-March 30th, I’m going to be offering a seven day writing and meditation challenge, in which you’ll be guided to meditate and write daily with a new recording. More information is coming about this event, but mark your calendar now/

And finally on April 4th, at 12:30 (eastern), I’m going to be hosting a free online question and answer session in which I’ll be answering any questions about the writing life, meditation, yoga, the Align Your Story course, or other related questions. Email me questions in advance or come onto the live session with questions. More information is also coming about this event, but mark your calendar now.

I’ll hope to see you soon!!

And I rely on word of mouth, so if you have any friends who might be interested in joining any of these free events or Align Your Story, please pass this information on to them! Thank you in advance!

And when friends sign up for Align Your Story together, they each get a 15% discount!

with love,

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