Solstice reminds me that that even if there is darkness, there is also light; even when hope may be low, there are unexpected opportunities; even if externally things may seem dead or on the decline, inside there is still new life.

So, in this dark, busy, complicated time of year, I want to share some things that I am excited about.

First, though, THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my survey! I read all your answers and will take them into account in the new year in my offerings!

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I’m delighted to announce my interview with my friend and life coach Natalie Matushenko about living with passion and purpose.

I was so glad to be part of Natalie’s weekly conversation series with amazing women who are living their passions and purpose while making a big difference in the world.

My conversation with Natalie was raw, real, deep and inspiring.

It will be going live today! In the interview, I talk in part about the power of writing and creating our own paths.

I also talk about

  • How listening to myself through writing helped me uncover and heal childhood trauma
  • Understanding our stories so we can align with ourselves and flow with life
  • How to access the stories that live in our bodies
  • Getting past tunnel vision and leaving my structured career path to create work that reflects all of me authentically.
  • Staying present while being on the path of one’s own passion and purpose

To watch (or listen) to my conversation with Natalie, go here .

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