Whether you’re new to writing or a veteran, published writer, it’s likely that some of your writing habits may be unhealthy. And it’s likely that some of your expectations for your writing don’t always serve your own best interests. We can all get stuck in unhelpful patterns, especially because our schooling fills us up with many less-than-helpful assumptions, patterns and habits of writing–and of mind. 

I’m delighted to share an article that I wrote and was published in Spirituality & Health Magazine

It is my firm belief, and I’ve seen it confirmed over and over again with students and clients, that we can only do our best writing when we embrace our full stories and our full selves. That means we need to learn to integrate and care for and, yes, love ourselves. 

I hope you enjoy the article. You might want to bookmark it so that you can remember to take these steps for yourself when you’re writing.

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