Have you ever started doing something and then found yourself questioning why you are doing it?

Or have you started out doing something with one set of expectations and then found yourself doing something quite different?

In my last video, I told you a bit about how I came to the more integrated coaching and teaching of writing that I do. Today, in this new video, I want to share some thoughts on how to stick with writing even when you don’t know where it’s going or when you want to stop altogether.

I share some of the experiences of two of my clients and the ways in which their most uncomfortable moments led to real growth. I discuss how isolating that particular moment when you feel most uncertain about your writing, sitting with it, instead of running away, and really listening to the messages coming up in your body can lead to exciting creative breakthroughs.

And I offer four practical tips to help anyone deepen their writing practice—especially when it’s getting uncomfortable.

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