4 Steps Revitalize Your Writing

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For creative writers of all levels who want to come into greater power and ease, this class will teach you how to:

*unite mind & body for more powerful writing
*see the overall structure of your work better
*have a process not only for first drafts but also revisions
*step into your full authority
*put your story on the page (the hard parts and the joyous parts!)

Are you ready to step into your authentic voice? This masterclass will help you put you work on the page, unite mind, body and spirit, and bring your writing to the next level.

Nadia Colburn, PhD brings 20+ years of experience as an award-winning writer, and teacher to help you avoid the common mistakes writers make so you can fall in love with your writing.


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    Nadia Colburn, PhD

    RYT 200

    Author of The High Shelf

    Founder of Align Your Story Coaching and Classes

    Who am I?

    I hold a PhD in English from Columbia University and am an award-winning poet and memoirist, student of Thich Nhat Hanh, yoga teacher, activist, and mother. I'm also the founder of Align Your Story School, where I've helped thousands of women write the work they want to write, unlock the power of their unique creative voice, and publish their books.

    What some people have said:

    "This process completely shifted my relationship to my writing and my voice. Thank you, Nadia"

    "I finally have a way into the book I've been wanting to write for years. I'm so excited."

    "After this class, I feel ready to really dive into my writing. Thank you!"