My Publications

I invite you to explore some of my writing.

I primarily write poetry and creative nonfiction. My work explores questions of being, social engagement, love, trauma, healing, what it means to be a woman, mother, person.

I try to create pieces that are beautiful and that can have some positive impact.

My writing is both a place for engagement and a space for freedom, play, and imagination.

I have two poetry books, I Say the Sky, recently released, and  The High Shelf.

I Say the Sky is a journey through the complexity of our world to meet the self and others more fully. The  

The book explores early motherhood, environmental and social destruction, trauma and healing. Jericho Brown wrote about the book “what a tender book. What a way to tell the truth while still maintaining tenderness.”

My poetry and essays have been published in more than eighty national publications including The New YorkerAmerican Poetry ReviewslateSpirituality and Health, Lions’ Roar, American ScholarLA Review of BooksHarvard Review, Yale ReviewKenyon ReviewThe Boston Globe MagazineThe Southwest ReviewYes! Magazineelephant journal, and many other places. I’ve won several awards for my work, including a PEN NE Discovery Award in Poetry.

My essay “The Language of Silence: Listening to the Body” was published in the anthology The Anatomy of Silence: 26 stories about all the sh*t that gets in the way of talking about sexual violence. 

I’ve also interviewed many thought leaders and artists, most of whom have had a big impact on my own life, including Snatam Kaur, France Moore Lappe, Sister Dhan Nhiem, Lewis Mehl Madrona, Martha Serpas, Ross Gay, and others.

I hope you'll enjoying exploring my writing below.

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