New Year, New Practice!

New Year, New Practice! 2
Nadia Colburn // January 5, 2024 // 2 Comments

Happy 2024!

I spent last week off my computer; I enjoyed time with family, ate lots of food, took many walks in the woods, and recharged. What about you?

Each year at this time, I offer a New Year Meditation and Writing Challenge so that we can enter the new year with an aligned writing practice and with greater resilience and vision.

So I wanted to share some details about my 2024 New Year Meditation and Writing Challenge, which begins January 17th.

I Say the Sky New Year 2024 7-Day Meditation and Writing Challenge

Why am I offering this Challenge?

Many people tell me that they wish they were writing–but aren’t.

Others tell me that they are writing but that their writing feels stilted, stalled, or difficult.

Still others tell me that they write and write, but though this writing is helpful, they often find themselves without a good focus or clear direction in their work.

I believe that most of us write with old habit energy and with patterns that keep us cut off from ourselves. We perpetuate a disconnection between the mind and body and, most of us, including myself at times, turn to writing to rehash old stories, but then get into the same old ruts and don’t move forward.

But there are other possibilities.

My meditation and writing challenges bring together mind and body for greater integration, greater self-trust, and greater flow. They offer a new approach, not only to writing, but also to your own emotional life and your creative voice and vision.

And this year, I’ve created a brand new 7-day program that leads you on a journey–both inward and outward.

How does this Challenge work?

Each day, for seven days, I’ll send you a brand new recording that you can practice with on your own schedule.

Each 15-minute audio recording will include:

  • a guided meditation;
  • a reading of a poem from I Say the Sky;
  • a writing prompt designed to take you on a journey of discovery;
  • supported writing time.

Will there be a way to connect with other participants in the Challenge?

Yes! There will be a private community space for participants to post work, ask questions, and interact.

We often have the mistaken idea that writing is a solitary act, but that need not be true. When we write together, we can have a much more powerful experience.

You’ll have the support of other like-minded writers and of me, in real time, guiding you.

Let's write, dream, visualize, and be inspired together!

When does the Challenge start?

We start on January 17th, 2024.

What will you get out of the Challenge?

  • New (or revitalized!) writing habits and practices
  • A deeper relationship with your voice
  • The tools you need to set a creative vision
  • 7 new pieces of writing
  • Community support

How long will you have access to the Challenge?

You will have lifetime access to the recordings in this practice.

How much does the Challenge cost?

The value of this practice is at least $97, though it’s hard to put a price on the transformations that can occur inside. The practice is simple but powerful. I’ve made the program very low priced so that as many people can join us as possible: you can sign up for $30 OR you can show me that you have purchased my new poetry book, I Say the Sky (which only costs $19.95), and I will waive the $30 fee for you! Get two for the price of one: a book & a transformative writing practice 🙂

How can you learn more and enroll in the Challenge?

Learn more & enroll by clicking the button below:

I love sharing this method because I believe passionately that each of us is a creative being, and that when we align with our creative energy, we disrupt old patterns and set the stage for healing and joy on both personal and social levels.

This year’s challenge is inspired by my new book of poetry, I Say the Sky, which asks, how do I grieve the injustices and suffering of the world while I also meet the world with generosity, love and my full self? The challenge will invite you to explore your own questions about this human journey of self in the universe. We’ll write together through a full range of emotional experiences and come to a place of greater insight.

I hope you’ll join me.

This is a propitious time, in these early days of the new year, as the days are getting longer but we're still, here in the North at least, in that space of the dark, to start a new, more intentional, more awake chapter…

Besides Joining the Challenge, to Enter the New Year....

  1. Set Intentions! I wait until mid-January to start the challenge so that you have time to readjust after the holidays and be intentional about how you’re starting the new year. So, over these next few weeks before the Challenge begins, I invite you to be really intentional in thinking about the following:
    • What do you want your writing and creative practices to look like in the new year?
    • What are you ready to leave behind in the new year? (Putting it on the page is a great way to let something go!)
    • What are you ready to embrace in the new year?
  2. Join me January 11th at 3:00pm ET for a FREE LIVE Zoom Session! In this FREE live Zoom session, I will guide you through setting more actionable and realizable intentions for the new year. More information to come, but mark your calendar now.

I hope to see you in the New Year Challenge! Again, you can learn more about it & enroll here.

I’m so looking forward to connecting with you and supporting your writing in 2024!

with love,

PS: Haven’t ordered I Say the Sky yet? It’s available early in North America! If you live in North America, you can order it from Amazon here, the Press here, or at your local bookstore! The book should be available everywhere else very soon.

PPS: You can sign up for the 2024 New Year Meditation and Writing Challenge here

PPPS: Know a friend or loved one who might be interested in the 2024 New Year Meditation and Writing Challenge? Share this link with them so you can do it together!

PPPPS: Be sure to check out my Upcoming Events Calendar on my website here to find out about I Say the Sky readings, workshops, and events in 2024! More events will be posted soon 🙂

  • Hi Nadia. I am not new to Journaling .I have been Journaling for a few years now. I am still working on being consistent eith my Journaling. I like your introduction to Journaling through meditation and mindfull breathing! It helps to open our mind and heart which’s helps us to be in the present moment and prepare our mind and heart to exspress our inner thoughts and feelings by Journaling.

    • Thank you for your comment, Karen! I'm so glad the introduction helped develop your established journaling practice even further.

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