November Meditation and Writing Session: Recording 1

WELCOME! This fifteen-minute audio recording leads you through five minutes of silent breath meditation and then gives you a writing prompt and roughly 8 minutes to write.

It’s intended for writers in any genre and with any level of experience. 

Writing after meditation, you’ll be amazed at how much you can write in a short period. Enjoy!


Poem (by Nadia Colburn)


Again and Again


I step out of my old clothes: 

I take them off like a child coming in from the cold

into a warm house, throwing them in a wet pile

on the floor. 


Again I am opening the door, 

again unzipping my coat. 


Over and over I must learn the same lessons 

like late October piercing sleet


that bends the birch, still heavy with leaves,  

almost to breaking—


And again I shake it off, stand

in the light: here, now,


water dripping from my sleeves.

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