Welcome to the seven day Meditation and

Writing Challenge:

Write from your Center


This is going to be a wonderful week together 


Day One of Writing and Meditation Challenge with Nadia Colburn, PhD


I want to share with you a little video I made.
Yesterday, I asked you why do you want to do this challenge. So I made a video about why I made this challenge
​and what this practice means to me and why I think it’s so important for the world we live in today.


Welcome to day three!
Today’s recording is slightly longer (19 minutes) because I took the time to read a section of a poem as a prompt. The poem is “The Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude” by Ross Gay in his book of the same title.

I hope to see you in the facebook group!


Welcome to Day Four! You’re halfway through the challenge! Congratulations!


Welcome to Day Five! You’re already here!


Welcome to Day Six! Yoohoo! You’ve made it to day six!

Today I’m leading a slightly different meditation. I made a short video to teach it to you:


You made it to DAY SEVEN! Congratulations!!
I hope you’ll keep coming back here to this space, to the facebook group and keep reading my emails over the next few days, though, because we’re not quite done 🙂 I want to continue to process this experience with you and give you some tips for moving forward!


Now that the week is over, it’s a good time to go back and see what you learned from this week. Please look below for questions that you can work with. You can either choose to write out your answers or just to think about them as you go about your day. You don’t need to take them as an “assignment”…take them as gentle suggestions/questions and let the ones that resonate with you resonate and don’t worry about the ones that don’t resonate. Perhaps the questions that you respond to will lead you somewhere you are meant to go.

1) Go back to the beginning of the week and remember why you wanted to do this challenge, and reflect on those expectations. 

What part of yourself comes alive with these practices? Are there ways that you can continue to honor that part of your life.

2) Were there parts of the challenge that were particularly challenging for you? 

What can you learn from those challenges? Often the challenges are our places of growth.

Rather than criticize yourself for what was difficult, can you take this as a learning opportunity to re-set your expectations more realistically or to get more support?

3) Were there parts of the challenge that were particularly fulfilling and pleasurable? 

What were they and in what ways?

Were there practices that you want to continue?

Were there particular meditations or prompts that particularly resonated with you?

What quality about this challenge do you want to continue to embrace?

4) Are there pieces of writing or insights that you had over the course of the challenge calling out to you to return to them? 

5) Does anything else come to you? Any other reflections? (You might want to close your eyes and see if any messages come up for yourself.)

6) What are your intentions for your meditation and writing going forward? What kind of supports and systems and goals do you want to set for yourself?  And how can you do that in such a way that you will be most successful in feeling held and fulfilled in those goals and practices? 


THANK YOU for being part of this challenge!


My suggestion for today is to decide what kind of meditation and writing practice you would like going forward.

Make a conscious decision about what would work for you and WRITE IT DOWN.
Then look at your calendar and decide when and how you would like to do that. And get yourself the supports you need to make it happen.

Let me know if I can be of help. And please stay connected to anyone you’ve met in this challenge!

And of course, if you haven’t finished the challenge yet, do another day today.

And if you did finish the challenge, I invite you to think back on the challenge day that resonates with you now
and try it again. It will be different the second time 🙂

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with love,


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