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Online Healing Yoga Workshops With Nadia

Yoga, as the name originally means, offers a complete union of mind, body and spirit; I teach and practice in this spirit: as a way to integrate the self with the self, the mind with the body, the body with the spirit, and the individual with the community and with the universe.

I am a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200) and bring together a mix of Kundalini yoga and vinyasa yoga in my online yoga classes for a complete body-spirit workout and for deep relaxation.

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My classes are at once rigorous and gentle, encouraging you both to push yourself towards claiming your greatest strength and to give yourself deep and loving relaxation and care.

I’ve developed a unique approach that brings together yoga and writing so that when emotional or psychological baggage comes up, you can listen deeply to those messages and clear away whatever you don’t need.

Bringing yoga and writing together also helps us tap into the source of our creativity, that place from which change happens and new possibilities come into being.

As we move our bodies and come into more mindful contact with our energy flow, we can move through whatever is blocking us on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels so that we can step into our fullest, most alive selves.

Yoga has the power to open us up to new potentials and perspectives, greater peace, greater compassion, greater alignment and greater well-being. My classes encourage a sense of play, experimentation and joy. In helping us form new connections within ourselves, yoga practice helps us create more meaningful connections, unions and relationships outside ourselves, in the larger world.

Select online healing yoga workshops include: Yoga for Creative Empowerment, Yoga for Writers, The Yoga of Communication, Listen & Let Go, Working with the Chakras, and more.

Contact me today to reserve your spot in one of my online healing yoga workshops.


Embrace and Let Go: Yoga and Your Story 

Yoga classes often tell us to drop our story, but we can only successfully drop the parts of our story that are not serving us if we first learn to listen to ourselves.

We can use yoga class to tune into what is happening in our bodies and the messages that are coming up so that we can listen more attentively, release emotional and physical blocks, clear out what is no longer needed, and find new pathways and stories for healing and growth.

This online yoga workshop will incorporate hatha and kundalini yoga, slow and faster movements, core strengthening exercises, meditation, writing prompts and deep relaxation.

Studies have shown the positive health benefits of writing from emotional experiences; writing helps clear emotional blocks and has been proven to improve the immune system and reduce visits to the doctor; these benefits are amplified when we allow the mind and body to enter into dialogue and learn from one another.

Come ready to move, sweat, laugh, maybe cry, meditate, relax deeply, listen to poetry and write.

Designed for writers and non-writers alike and for yogis of all levels, the workshop will offer nourishing practices and practical tools that you can take home with you.

Contact me for more information and see my calendar for upcoming classes.

My unique online course Align Your Story brings together writing, yoga and meditation so that you practice in the comfort of your own home. In this course, we bring both our yoga and writing to the next levels to get through blocks in creativity and align your life and spirit and create your best work. See more here.

​I also work privately with clients and design one-on-one yoga and meditation coaching sessions and packages. See my calendar and contact me for more information.

Narrative Therapy and Healing Yoga Workshop

We know that many illnesses are connected to the effects of stress, trauma and stagnant energy. When we can soften in those places of tension, we can release great healing potential and can come into greater health and vitality.

In my healing work, I help clients integrate mind and body for optimal wellness. In sessions, I lead clients to explore the places in their own story where their energy is blocked so that the energy can be released for greater wellbeing and positivity.

Story here is understood broadly: it is what we hold in our conscious language, and what we hold in our bodies, our unconscious and in our deep creative sources. Unlike most traditional talk therapy, which stays focused on the left brain, my sessions draw on a wide toolbox of methods including meditation, yoga, writing, conversation and energy healing. I use my intuitive gifts to guide clients to listen in new ways to their own stories, and to release and reframe the ways in which their stories are being carried.

After working with me clients are able to come into a state of more authentic integration, health, creativity and purpose.

Contact me to learn more about my current online healing yoga workshops.


Online Healing Yoga Workshops, Yoga therapy, what is kundalini yoga, online yoga classes, kundalini yoga workshops, yoga for healing, trauma healing yoga

Yoga made me healthier and more flexible in my body, yes, and also in my mind and in my emotions.

But the main fruit of my practice isn’t really about the self—important and transformative as these changes are. It’s those moments when the self opens to something bigger, when the boundaries fall away, when I see into the amazing wholeness of the world—yes, really, even our crazy, often upside-down world.

Online Healing Yoga Workshops, Yoga therapy, what is kundalini yoga, online yoga classes, kundalini yoga workshops, yoga for healing, trauma healing yoga


WHEN I THINK BACK on the first years of my yoga practice, what comes to mind first is Pigeon Pose. Actually,when I think back on my experience with Pigeon Pose, it’s remarkable that I stuck with yoga. Because in Pigeon Pose I felt as if I was being tortured. No, this is not hyperbolic speech.

Online Healing Yoga Workshops, Yoga therapy, what is kundalini yoga, online yoga classes, kundalini yoga workshops, yoga for healing, trauma healing yoga

I’ve been practicing Buddhist meditation for many years. Over the years I’ve learned to sit still not only in my body, but also in my mind.The fight or flight response that I had in reaction to many of life’s unexpected stresses has been replaced by a pause: I can stop; I can breathe, and I can—most of the time—remain calm.
But until recently, I was still often confused by the advice to just “go with the flow.”….

A few months ago I took on a yoga challenge: I would do a yoga set that focused on strengthening the navel center every day for 40 days….

Online Healing Yoga Workshops, Yoga therapy, what is kundalini yoga, online yoga classes, kundalini yoga workshops, yoga for healing, trauma healing yoga

Several years ago, I set out to interview people who had undergone major challenges in their lives. In particular, I wanted to know if there were people who had been able to create a deep and lasting shift towards the positive not only in their external lives but also in their internal happiness levels. And if such people did exist, I wanted to know what conditions, tools, and practices had allowed them to make such changes. I was interested, too, in how their inner and outer worlds interac ted to help create transformation not only for them as individuals but also for the society as a whole.
One of the people I interviewed was Biliana Angelova, a mother whose life was changed by kundalini yoga.

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