Personal Coaching

What Does A Personal Coach Do?

In all of my personal coaching and healing work, I guide clients to a more mindful, authentic relationship with the world around them and with their own inner purpose.

In this transformative process, my clients emerge from internal conflict and step into their true power, unlocking their inherent creativity, authenticity, voice and vision to manifest the changes they wish to see in themselves and in the world.

Writing & Personal Coaching

I work with women (and some men) who want to get the blocks and kinks out of their own stories so they can be who they are meant to be in the world. This is a process of transformation and reclamation.

We get to tell our own stories–on paper, yes! And also we get to tell our stories to ourselves first—not just publicly but so that we can live in alignment with our own knowing and agency.

What is the story we tell about ourselves so we can get rid and let go of what no longer serves us and be the earth keepers and mothers and daughters and sisters we were meant to be?

Working with me as your personal coach, you connect back with yourself and locate the places and issues where your energy and alignment gets blocked.

Through this process, you can access your true vitality, authenticity, voice and vision. And much more energy.

I use a variety of techniques, led by my client’s interest and by my intuitive wisdom, to bring together mind body and spirit, including conversation, meditation, writing, yoga, breathwork, visualization, and energetic healing.

As Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Many current healing modalities are fragmented; therapy often keeps people stuck in old mind patterns. I help you break open the old stuck patterns so that new pathways can form.

Life coaching has taught me that a fully healthy life includes the following aspects, in no particular order:

creative health
spiritual health
physical health
financial health
relationship health

While I may not have the tools directly to help you in each of these areas, I can be the point person who is helping you see the big picture, helping you discover other tools when you need them, and helping you keep all the different pieces in place and flowing in a unified, coherent and aligned whole so that you are advocating for yourself from an aligned center and living from a place of understanding, agency and joy.

Aligning Light individual Sessions:

Spark Your Life:

In this intensive, introductory one hour personal coaching session, I help you come into clarity about your primary energetic strengths and your primary energetic blocks—which are not always where you think they are. And we lay out a plan about how you can take agency to understand them more clearly, have compassion around them, and begin powerfully to move those blocks with understanding, compassion and awareness to build the life you want for yourself.

*At the moment my personal coaching practice is full, but there might be spaces in my writing coaching*

Package of Six Fifty Minute Personal Coaching Sessions:

The hallmark of all of my personal coaching is that it is uniquely designed to meet your individual needs.

Together we will design this package of six in a way that best suits your needs. Are you working on a long term project for which you need long term support? If so, schedule two sessions a month, for three months of focused personal coaching.

Do you want to burn through an energetic block more quickly and work intensively and deeply together? I’ve seen clients make amazing breakthroughs by using these six sessions over a two week period, so that they get immediate noticeable results.

However you craft your six sessions some of the things you will get are:

Insight into what is holding you back
Increased confidence
A game plan to move forward
Integration of mind, body and spirit
Unexpected positive changes….

Contact me to see if we’re a good fit. Or start with my introductory break-through Spark Your Life session

*At the moment my personal coaching practice is full, but there might be spaces in my writing coaching*

Create Your own unique package, depending on your needs.

Contact me for more information and to see if we’re a good fit!

I reserve a few slots on a sliding scale.

Joanne Reynolds,
author of Come a Blosso

Where to begin?!

Some of the things I liked about Nadia as my personal coach:

Being able to take the class as a complete beginner.
The amazing people I met, starting with Nadia.
The intimacy, the safe environment.
The division of class time between the studied literature and our work.
The literature we read.
The assignments which I took very seriously, often getting up at 2am to work on them–
Looking at my work as a whole–finding commonality between the poems, having them speak to each other–
Coming back session after session.
Starting my book.

Taking Nadia’s class changed my life and I do not exaggerate when I say it was how I found my true life, my true self.
Yes! I would highly recommend Nadia and her classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching is more directed than most therapy session. It helps you set goals and come up with realistic ways of meeting those goals.

I also integrate a wide variety of different healing modalities in my coaching session so that clients move out of traditional patterns of thought and habits of being into new modes of awareness and possibility. By integrating mind body and spirit, clients are more able to move into new ways of being and realize their full potential.

What can I expect in a session?

I sculpt my sessions to meet the needs of my individual clients. Most sessions include some form of mindfulness and body awareness.

If clients are interested in writing, sessions often include writing and/or looking at things clients have written over the week.

Unlike traditional therapy, I encourage clients who are able to have longer sessions if possible. I often find that fifty minutes is too limited, and the most fruitful work and important breakthroughs happen in the second half of a 90 minute session.

Where do you work?

I meet with clients over video conference or in person in the Cambridge area – contact me for more details.