31 Day Meditation and Writing Course


Finally write the work you’ve been wanting to write.

This mindfulness writing course is designed for writers and non-writers alike to help you jumpstart your writing, reconnect with your center, and access your deep creativity. With this course you can:

  • Be supported in your writing and meditation practice
  • Write with more ease
  • Access your authentic voice
  • Be more creative
  • Feel more at peace
  • Come into greater health
31 Day Meditation and Writing Course 2

“I was feeling completely stuck in my writing–and in my life. Then I started to do Nadia’s meditation and mindfulness writing course, and everything began to flow again.” -Chris B

How It Works

  • Once you enroll, you have lifetime access to this practice!
  • The heart of this practice is 31 different 15 minute audio recordings.
  • All you need to do is hit play and the mindfulness writing course will provide you with:
    • A 3-5 minute meditation to quiet the mind and body
    • A writing prompt to guide your creativity
    • Supported writing time (10 minutes)
  • It also comes with lifetime access to a private facebook community for accountability, support, encouragement, connection with other writers, inspiration, and more.

Key To Success - A Daily Practice

If you want to have a daily practice, this course has all the tools to guide you to one and to keep you going for the long term.But a daily practice is not for everyone.

Maybe you want to use this practice twice a week. The course guides you to figure out what fits for your schedule.

And because once you enroll, you have LIFETIME ENROLLMENT, you can start when you want and go at your own pace.

You will find that the practice deepens over time. And at different times in your life, you can use the practice differently.

The course also comes with lifetime access to a private facebook group of a wonderful, supportive community of like-minded writers. This is an optional place to share work, ask questions, make connections, get inspired, get support. I’m very active on the facebook group and am there to provide guidance, answer questions, and cheer you on!

Participating in the practice is like going on a little vacation each morning”—Willa M

What’s Included in the Mindfulness Writing Course

  • Video introducing you to the course*Suggestions/Guidelines about how best to use the course and different ways you can benefit from it, including guidelines for how to use the course to deepen a writing project you’re already working on
  • Thirty-one days of downloadable 15 minute audio guides (more than 8 hours of recordings in total) in a beautifully packaged program so that you can listen to the audios again and again.
  • Access to a private facebook community of other writers who are participating in the practice. A place to connect with others, share your writing, get feedback, get support, ask questions, check in with me (I’ll be active on the facebook group) and more!​
  • A calendar to chart your progress
  • Lifelong enrollment. Start any time. Come back to the course any time! Go at your own pace!


  1. Expansion to use the 31 audio guides month by month ​ with new prompts for each month so the program becomes a FULL YEAR of daily meditations and writing prompts!And once you have a year long practice, it’s easy to make it a LIFELONG PRACTICE!
  2. Expansions to turn the 15-minute practice into longer supported, mindful writing sessions.

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