I’m writing with a reminder and an announcement!

First: Reminder: This Friday at 12:30 (eastern) I’m going to be hosting a free, online meditation and writing session. I hope you’ll take some time from your busy day and give yourself the gift of some quiet and creativity! Sign up here for the log in information.
This session will be a bit different from the ones I’ve offered before. I’m going to focus my prompts on the theme of working with our stories.
As John Kabat Zinn said, wherever we go, there we are. Whatever genre we work in, too, there we are. Our writing—like our living—comes from us, from the things we have lived and experienced, from our fears, our expectations, our dreams, our loves.
So… Who are you? Where do you come from and where are you headed? These  basic questions of identity in and through time are central to most indigenous healing systems. They are central to who we are as humans. 

And yet, we rarely have time to contemplate them and explore them in creative ways.

This is especially too bad because in these complicated, rapidly changing times these questions are more needed than ever.
It’s no wonder that it’s hard to keep our bearings, but our creative life can help us rediscover, recenter and redirect ourselves.
In this free session (which you can join over video or phone) I’ll lead a short meditation every fifteen minutes and then give you a new writing prompt to help you work with this theme.
Come on the call with a project you want to work on (these questions can usually help a project that is already developed, but that just needs a little inspiration) or come with a blank page.
I hope you’ll join me! And then next Tuesday, March 20th at 7:30 Eastern time I’ll be leading another free session on Working with Emotions: Joy

As I said, it’s completely free free to sign up—and if you can’t make the live call I’ll send out a recording to those who sign up! Sign up here for for the log-in information for both free sessions.

Second: From now until April 9th, when Align Your Story begins, I’m holding a sale on the course! I’m dropping the price by more than $200 for the basic plan and more than $400 for the premium. I’m so enthusiastic about this course, I want to make it accessible to everyone who wants to take it.
From now until April 9th, the basic plan will cost only $449.
And the premium, which includes one-on-one support, coaching and editorial feedback from me, will cost only  $997.

After April 9th the price of the course will go up again. While it’s always available for purchase, I only go through the course once or twice a year module by module with live conference calls. 

I won’t be going through the course again until October 2018 at the very earliest, but most likely I won’t go through the course again until January 2019 and prices may never be this low again.
Because I encourage friends to sign up together to go through the material together, friends always get a 15% discount, even on the sale price.

If you sign up, you also have the option of being paired with a buddy to go through the course with! People have made great writing partners and friends this way!

And the first 20 people who sign up get a bonus 30 minute one-on-one session with me (a value of $75.)
These prices are amazingly low for a course that is essentially three courses in one (a writing course, a meditation course and a yoga course) and that includes lifetime access not only to the online material but also to all the live conference calls and the ongoing facebook community.
Students have gone through the course three and even four times and found new material to work with in new ways each time. So really it’s like enrolling in a lifetime writing meditation and yoga coaching program and community. You can see more here: www.alignyourstory.com
I’m so committed to making this course accessible to everyone who wants to take it, if you need a payment plan or other consideration, please reach out to me!
And I want to be transparent about my pricing, so anyone who signed up early with my “early bird discount” will get refunded the difference in price plus a little extra as a thank you for signing up early! I think I know who you are and will send you an email, but you can also feel free to reach out to me, too.

As always, reach out with any questions and pass this on to any friends who might be interested!

With thanks and love, 

And if you’re free this Saturday, there are a few more spaces in Still Harbor’s all day retreat, The Courage of Connection, where I’ll be joining an amazing team of facilitators and leading a session on Working with Our Stories and co-leading a session on connection, movement and the body. 

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