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Executive Coaching and Leadership Training, Speaking and Workshops

In all of my coaching, workshops and leadership trainings I guide clients to become more aligned, with themselves and with one another, unlocking their full performance potential.

I use a variety of techniques, including mindfulness methods, communication skills, writing skills, embodied awareness, and more to help clients move beyond their internal barriers and work more effectively.

Through this transformative process, my clients unlock greater productivity, as well as their inherent ability to innovate, communicate and manifest the changes they wish to see in themselves, in their organizations, and in the world.


Greater Leadership Abilities

To be a great leader one must be aligned with oneself and with one’s forms of communication with others.

Out of the Box Creativity and Innovation

Our greatest creativity occurs when we are in alignment with ourselves; situations of stress and anxiety do not create optimal creativity. Similarly, working in rigid cookie- cutter systems leads to a loss in vitality and productivity. I help individuals and groups create the conditions that manifest out of the box thinking and innovation.

The Power of Authenticity and Organic Long Term Growth

We can all sprint for a short period, but life is not a sprint. Real long term growth depends on sustainability, on being in alignment with one’s own center, talents, beliefs and vision. When you align with your own authenticity, you will be amazed at the energy and power that you really have.

Nadia specializes in working with businesses and non profits that want to align their mission and their outcome and want to create more mindful business models—a growing portion of the workforce.

Alignment with your mission and vision does not mean financial sacrifice—instead it leads to more creativity, innovation, authenticity, power and long term growth and financial success.

Sample topics for Group Programs, Workshops , Speaking Engagements and Classes are below:

  • Align Your Light  in a World Out of Alignment
  • The Return to Self in a Group Setting
  • Accessing Your Voice and Claiming Your Vision
  • Find your Path, Ignite Your Purpose and Productivity
  • Make Sense of Your Organization’s Story—Its Ups and Downs and Its Mission
  • Writing as Contemplative Practice: Use the Written Word to Find Your Calm Center and Purpose
  • Ignite Your Innovative Self: From the Head to the Heart
  • Write Through Blocks Towards Your True Purpose
  • Meditation and Movement  in the Workplace
  • The Heart of the Matter: Writing to Share Your Vision


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