Meditation and Mindfulness Writing Course

15 minutes a day to transform your writing—and your life.

In just 15 minutes, you can transform your writing, your day and your life…


This mindfulness writing course is designed for writers and non-writers alike to help you jumpstart your writing, reconnect with your center, and access your deep creativity.

With this course you can

*Be supported in your writing practice
*Be supported in a meditation practice
*Write with more ease
*Access your authentic voice
*Be more creative
*Reconnect with yourself
*Be more grounded
*Listen better — to yourself and others
*Feel more at peace
​*Come into greater health
*Feel more fulfilled, communicative, and productive

*Access your authentic power
*Finally write the work you’ve been wanting to write


With this simple, radical practice, you can transform your relationship with your writing–and yourself.

$297 For Lifetime Access

$297 For Lifetime Access

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Write From Your Center 31 Day Mindfulness Writing Course 1
“I’ve been amazed at how much progress I can make with my writing in just fifteen minutes. The mindfulness writing course sets me up to do some of my best work. Rather than sitting at my desk trying to figure out what to do, I find I have great focus and can get right to work following Nadia’s meditations and prompts.”


“I never had a daily writing practice before trying Nadia’s mindfulness writing course, and it revitalized my writing. It was so much easier–and more fun–than I thought it would be and I’m finally making good progress on my novel!.”


How It Works

31+ Day Mindfulness Writing Course With Meditation

mindfulness writing course, online meditation and writing course, professional writing coach, writing coach in boston
Once you enroll, you have lifetime access to this practice!

​The heart of this practice are 31 different 15 minute audio recordings

All you need to do is hit play and the mindfulness writing course will provide you with:

*A 3-5 minute meditation to quiet the mind and body
*A writing prompt to guide your creativity
*Supported writing time (10 minutes)


It also comes with lifetime access to a private facebook community for accountability, support, encouragement, connection with other writers, inspiration, and more. 

The practice also comes with a bonus to turn these 31 daily meditation and writing sessions into a full year and/or lifetime practice.

It’s simple, but it’s also radical!

“Thank you, Nadia! I so enjoyed these writing sessions. They were like fifteen minutes of magic”—Trisha W.

$297 For Lifetime Access

Why bring meditation and writing together?

When we meditate before we write, we clear our mind of the chatter that so often takes up our inner space. We quiet our nervous systems, reconnect with our bodies and learn to listen more deeply to our own inner voices.

Fifteen minutes a day?

mindfulness writing course, online meditation and writing course, professional writing coach, writing coach in boston
Is that a lot or a little?

In our busy lives, we might feel like we have no extra time at all. That’s why a course like this is all the more important!

However busy we are, it’s essential that we take time for ourselves.

In my personal experience, and in my professional experience working with thousands of students, fifteen minutes a day is the perfect amount of time to establish a new habit and relationship with yourself.

Instead of cutting into your too-busy day, fifteen minutes of meditation and writing will make your days feel fuller, more spacious, more efficient and more rewarding. And I promise that you can fit in the extra fifteen minutes without losing out on anything important. In fact, spending fifteen minutes a day on this mindfulness writing course will make you feel like you have MORE time!

A Daily Practice?

If you want to have a daily practice, this course has all the tools to guide you to one and to keep you going for the long term.

But a daily practice is not for everyone.

Maybe you want to use this practice twice a week. The course guides you to figure out what fits for your schedule.

And because once you enroll, you have LIFETIME ENROLLMENT, you can start when you want and go at your own pace.

You will find that the practice deepens over time. And at different times in your life, you can use the practice differently.

The course also comes with lifetime access to a private facebook group of a wonderful, supportive community of like-minded writers. This is an optional place to share work, ask questions, make connections, get inspired, get support. I’m very active on the facebook group and am there to provide guidance, answer questions, and cheer you on!

Participating in the practice is like going on a little vacation each morning”—Willa M



Hi! I’m Nadia! I created this mindfulness writing course because I know first hand the power of both mediating and writing, and that power compounds when we put the two together!

I’ve been a reader and a writer for as long as I can remember, and I have also benefited enormously from mindful practices over the past fifteen years.

I found that while writing was my first love, meditation helped me heal and grow in ways that writing alone could not.

mindfulness writing course, online meditation and writing course, professional writing coach, writing coach in boston
I have a PhD in English from Columbia University, and my own creative writing has been widely published in such places as The New Yorker, The Boston Globe Magazine, Spirituality & Health and The Kenyon Review, and I’m the author of the poetry book The High Shelf.  I didn’t want to follow a more traditional teaching path because I wanted to find a form of teaching that taught the whole person and that took into account the growth that one does throughout one’s life. I created Write From Your Center to teach in a more holistic way, and I have seen that when we write in this way, we get stronger as people and our writing also gets stronger.

We come to produce our best work when we come from a more centered, grounded place. Only when we can access our own fullness of being can we create our fullest, best work.

mindfulness writing course, online meditation and writing course, professional writing coach, writing coach in boston

What’s Included in the Mindfulness Writing Course

* Video introducing you to the course

*Suggestions/Guidelines about how best to use the course and different ways you can benefit from it, including guidelines for how to use the course to deepen a writing project you’re already working on

* Thirty-one days of 15 minute audio guides (more than 8 hours of recordings in total) in a beautifully packaged program so that you can listen to the audios again and again.

*Access to a private facebook community of other writers who are participating in the practice. A place to connect with others, share your writing, get feedback, get support, ask questions, check in with me (I’ll be active on the facebook group) and more!​

* A calendar to chart your progress

*Lifelong enrollment. Start any time. Come back to the course any time! Go at your own pace!


*Expansion to use the 31 audio guides month by month ​ with new prompts for each month so the program becomes a FULL YEAR of daily meditations and writing prompts!

And once you have a year long practice, it’s easy to make it a LIFELONG PRACTICE!

* Expansions to turn the 15-minute practice into longer supported, mindful writing sessions.

mindfulness writing course, online meditation and writing course, professional writing coach, writing coach in boston


Sign up for lifelong access to this transformative practice

$297 For Lifetime Access

Sign up to be notified when the course opens for enrollment again

Write From Your Center 31 Day Mindfulness Writing Course 1

“I was feeling completely stuck in my writing–and in my life. Then I started to do Nadia’s meditation and mindfulness writing course, and everything began to flow again.” -Chris B

Want More Information?

mindfulness writing course, online meditation and writing course, professional writing coach, writing coach in boston
Think of the fifteen minutes as both a radical detox and a revitalizing reset.

Most of us are ready to revitalize, but we forget the detox step.

We’re ready to jump into our writing and go full force ahead.

I get it. I do that, too. Even though I know the benefits of meditating before writing, I’m often so eager to get to work, that I go right to my computer.

I feel that I’m too full of ideas to quiet my mind and sit in mediation first.

So if I feel this way, I understand if you do, too!

But when I DO meditate before I write, my writing is more clear, more direct, more focused, more profound, more creative, more surprising, more insightful.

And my students see the same results:

I can’t believe how much I can write in only ten minutes when I meditate first.” -Janice P.

Most of the time by minute ten, I’m still fidgeting in my seat before I write, but when I meditate first, I often do my very best work in the first few minutes of writing.” -Paul F.

But it’s hard to do this alone.

That’s why I created fifteen minute audio guides.

All you need to do is hit play and you’ll be guided in the meditation, be given a writing prompt, and be given ten minutes of supported writing time.

If you want to keep writing after that, please do. But if you don’t, no worries. You’ve done your fifteen-minute practice for the day!


An experienced writer who wants to go deeper into your work

New to writing, but want to start to explore your creative voice more

Interested in improving your health and using meditation and writing as a tool

An experienced meditator wanting to explore new practices and to bring writing to your practice

A new meditator, ready to try a new practice with support

Ready to see changes in your life

Ready to get unblocked and to access your full voice and insights

Ready to connect with a group of like-minded people


You want step-by-step technical guidance

You have no interest in meditation

You have your own set practices that you don’t want to change

You are only interested in the product of writing, not the process



Write From Your Center 31 Day Mindfulness Writing Course 3

Research shows that just a daily three minute meditation can re-set your nervous system, reset your immune system and transform your life!

How does it work?

We live on overload most of the time. We rush from morning to night, and when we have down time, we often use it to scroll our newsfeeds or to consume some other form of media. Even when we’re not working, we’re often infiltrated by the news and the energies around us.

Most of the media we consume is inherently stressful. Even our “entertainment” often includes edge-of-the-seat action to keep us emotionally engaged.

No wonder our systems are overloaded.

And as our mental and emotional systems get overloaded, our physical systems, too, get overworked.

Our adrenals, our kidneys, our livers, our central nervous system, are all working overtime.

Stress leads to inflammation and a general weakening of the immune system.

We become emotionally and mentally imbalanced.

We can hardly hear our own thoughts and our own voice for all the noise around us.

My meditation and writing practices start with meditation to help you disconnect from all that external noise and calm your mind and your body.

Scientific studies have shown that just a three minute daily meditation practice can help:  

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Promotes emotional well being
  • Increases immune system function
  • Increases immune system function
  • Lengthens attention span
  • Improves Sleep
  • Improves self esteem
  • Helps controls chronic pain and addiction
  • And much more

Imagine if you never took a shower, you’d be pretty covered in grime and filth and would start to smell and would very likely get sick.

Our culture spends a lot of time thinking about our external cleanliness and appearance, but very little time focusing on our internal health and needs.

And we tend to separate the mind and the body, as if they were two separate things, but as new research shows, they are inextricably connected.

Every day, you’ll have a new guided audio meditation to practice with.

Whether you are completely new to meditation or an experienced meditator, this program will give you empowering meditations so that you never need to miss a daily meditation.

Meditations include practices in the tradition of:

Thich Nhat Hanh,
vipassana meditation
kundalini yoga meditation
pranayama meditation
and more.

You get to experience lots of new meditations and see which work best for you.

So many people struggle with finding time in their day for a daily meditation. This program makes it as easy as sitting down and hitting play!

And even if you already have a daily meditation, this program can be a nice complement to any daily meditation practice.


Write From Your Center 31 Day Mindfulness Writing Course 4

Meditation helps us quiet our mind, center and reset our nervous system.

But then what?

Coming into quiet is important. And we also need to express ourselves.

Writing helps us claim our voice, be more fulfilled, write the work we’ve been meaning to write–and enter into greater wellbeing

This program guides you to listen to yourself and tap into your authentic voice and deep creative power.

And it guides you to write not just from your over-busy head, but from your centered body that you have connected with in the meditation.

Each day I’ll offer a different prompt to help guide your writing.

These prompts are designed to stand on their own and jumpstart new writing AND to help you go to new and deeper places with writing projects you’re already working on.

The prompts include:

*Poems from authors such as Emily Dickinson, Rilke, Mary Oliver, Rumi, Ross Gay, Lucille Clifton, and many others

*Short prose passages from authors such as Audre Lorde, Rebecca Solnit, Virginia Woolf, Anne Lamott, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Merton


*Collections of words to write from

*Places to focus your attention,

* & more!

Ten-minutes of writing after a short meditation can produce more powerful and insightful work than hours of writing in other conditions.

You write not only from your wandering mind, but from the insights and wisdom of your body.

During the ten-minute of writing time, I’ll offer short reminders to stay connected to your body as you write.

Most of us tend not to write at all or to sit down and write in little bursts. This program guides you to develop a daily writing practice so that you have a regular, comfortable and intimate working relationship with your writing and your voice.

It helps you get through blocks and stay unblocked.

And just as meditation has powerful health benefits, writing has been scientifically shown to improve both emotional and physical well-being.

Expression and self-understanding are some of the key factors in health and help regulate both our moods and our immune systems.

“I used to write only from my head. Working with Nadia, I learned to write from my belly. Sure, my head is still working, but what I’m saying is so much deeper and more honest now.”
—Raina A.


What If I can’t commit to a daily practice, is this course for me?

Yes! Do what makes sense for your schedule. Try for three times a week. Or two. Be intentional about it and try to keep up with your own intentions. Use the facebook group for support.

Or use the practices in this course to onboard your writing, at those particular times you need it. ​

There’s no falling behind in this course and no failing! The supporting materials will help you decide what is right for you. And once you enroll, you have lifetime access to the course, so you can use it whenever you want. 

I’ve never meditated before, is this course for me?

Absolutely! This course will walk you through meditation and you can always come to the facebook group for support.

I haven’t written in a long time, is this mindfulness writing course for me?

You bet! This course will get you writing again and enjoying the process!

I already have a daily mediation practice, is this course for me?

This course only offers short meditations, so stick with your daily practice and add this to it. If you have a daily meditation practice, I think you’ll enjoy bringing writing to another meditation practice!

I already have a daily writing practice, is this course for me?

When you bring meditation and writing together it can really boost your daily writing practice and help you have deeper insights and access a different level of creativity! So yes!

I’m in the middle of a long writing project, is this course for me?

Yes! It can be hard to stick with a long writing practice. There are special directions for how to use this course in tandem with a longer writing project. This course will get you working more efficiently and help you clarify your message and your writing and strengthen your own unique writing voice.

$297 For Lifetime Access

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Write From Your Center 31 Day Mindfulness Writing Course 1

“I was feeling completely stuck in my writing–and in my life. Then I started to do Nadia’s meditation and writing, and everything began to flow again.” -Chris B

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