Our unique gifts come from the life we have lived;

how could it come from anywhere else?


Our gifts are embedded in our story, in what has wounded us, in what has brought us joy, in what has made us feel alive.

And writing helps us uncover our story with new insights, and come to greater clarity, energy and power.

Write your story, find your purpose 1

Christianne Northrup writes, in her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, that there are 12 steps to healing, and the first is “get your story straight.”

Getting your story straight helps you heal both physically and emotionally. It helps you align with your spiritual path and embrace the life you are meant to live.

This is strong medicine!

Social science research has shown in numerous replicable studies that by writing about our lives, we can reduce our visit to the doctors by 50%, made us 50% more likely to get a job, and 50% more likely to report feeling satisfied with our lives.

Even if you think this has nothing to do with you, if on the surface it might appear there is no connection between the things you are passionate about now and your past life’s journey, I encourage you to dig a little deeper: the connection might not be a simple, predictable narrative, but on an energetic and emotional level, our passion and purpose is always rooted on some level in the things we’ve experienced in the past.

Writing helps us unlock our true potential, our full energy,

and our unique purpose.

Included here are:

Write your story, find your purpose 2

Four-step checklist to get clear on your story to find your true purpose from a place of fullness.

Write your story, find your purpose 3

Workbook that will guide you to write your way to greater clarity, energy and purpose.

Write your story, find your purpose 4

15-minute audio recording of a meditation and writing session to help you center and reconnect with yourself before you write.

Write your story, find your purpose 5

I hope you enjoy the resources here, and I invite you to explore my other free resources here on my website.

If you want to go deeper, I offer online meditation and writing classes, and my premium course with writing, meditation and optional yoga, Align Your Story, which guides you through the process of unlocking the gifts of your unique story.

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