Dear Friends,

I’m writing on my last day in Italy before flying home. It’s been a lovely vacation—lots of really nice family time in beautiful locations. From Lucca (where Eric and I spent 10 weeks 18 years ago, and where we conceived Gabriel at the end of that summer) to Chianti, Bologna, Verona, Venice and Lake Garda, we’ve had a wonderful time!

This trip was largely about looking out: to the views, the colors, the sites. It was about being available to my family. And it was about absorbing different experiences.

I try to incorporate some mindful meditation and exercise into my life no matter where I am, and to balance the inward and outward focus. But it’s also true that different periods have different intensities—like different seasons. We’re taught to eat a well balanced diet every day, but in fact, strawberries are only really ripe in early spring, and so traditionally people would eat seasonally and get their nutrients seasonally.

These past weeks I’ve filled up on some of my favorite things—travel, family, exploring different cultures—and I’ll store up these experiences for the rest of the year.

Next month, I’ll be leading a full weekend retreat that focuses on some of my other favorite things: yoga, meditation and writing and inner centering. Sometimes more intense retreats can help us fill and store up on what we need to find our center and remain grounded.

If you want a weekend of inner alignment at the end of the summer, before the rush of fall begins again, I hope you’ll join me!

The weekend is designed to meet you wherever you are. Not comfortable doing yoga? I’ll help you modify, and you can do chair yoga instead. Haven’t written for decades—write in ways that make you feel at ease.

The weekend is about self listening, self acceptance and self love. Held at the beautiful Copper Beech Institute in CT, August 18-20, with delicious home cooked meals and the support of a small, supportive community, it will guide you on a different kind of journey: a journey into your own center. I’d love to see you there! You can see more about the weekend and see more upcoming events below.

Reach out with any questions.

With love,

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