My Favorite Meditation for these Difficult Times 1How are you doing in these unusual times?

I’ve been finding myself experiencing waves of feeling, and talking with friends who are cycling through levels of anxiety.

So far, at least, I feel like one of the lucky ones: the four of us in my nuclear family are safe at home, enjoying a bit more time together. But I also know many people are suffering and are very worried about what the future will bring.

I find it helpful to remember we never know what the future holds, and to try to remain present as much as possible and to cultivate the love and caring that is in the world.

I’m also, as usual, finding both meditation and writing helpful in this time, and have been sending out a metta meditation to myself, my loved ones and to the world. This is a loving kindness meditation for protection and wellbeing; I’ve added a final phrase for radiance and expression. And I want to send it to you:

may you be protected and safe

may you be contented and pleased

may your physical body protect you with ease

may your life unfold smoothly with ease

may your light shine unobstructed with ease

This meditation is one of the most powerful meditations. It’s also especially transformative when we send it to ourselves, something that can be both surprisingly difficult and surprisingly healing. When we can send love, care and protection first to ourselves, we’re able to come out of anxiety and be more present for everyone else.

My Favorite Meditation for these Difficult Times 2

I’ve created a full post and downloadable resource with more information about the metta meditation and writing prompts to go with it. Using writing and meditation together helps us calm our nervous system and be more resilient not only emotionally but also physically. You can get to the post and downloadable pdf here.

I also have lots of other free resources on my website that I hope you’ll find helpful at this time: a video yoga and writing session, downloadable recordings of meditation and writing sessions and more. You can access the free resources here.

While this time will bring suffering to many, I hope that it may be an opportunity for us as a society also to look at our vulnerabilities and to create a more resilient society—for people and for the environment. And I hope that even in these difficult times, we can still find ways to find joy and appreciation in the moment—in the sky or a bird, a loved one, meditation, or poem.

As we practice social/physical distancing collectively to protect our health, may we remember our capacity to come together to work for our collective wellbeing, and may we also remind our governments that their job is to protect citizens’ wellbeing!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be offering some new free meditation and writing programs, so please stay tuned. And if there’s anything you’d particulary like me to offer, please let me know.

As always, please share this post and free resources with any friends who you think might be interested, and please reach out to me with any questions or to say hi. I’m thinking of you.

I’m sending love and health!


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