It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that Trump is really going to be President and the Republican party has a majority in the house and the senate. Reading the news feels like being punched in the stomach.  Big money, at every turn, seems to be voting out the collective good.

As the administration and “leadership” changes, the story that will be told about America and the world also seems to be changing.

But as much power as Washington has, we also have a lot of power, and we can’t forget that.

We get to tell our own story. And when we tell our own stories, we have an amazing capacity to come into our strength and our power, our inner peace and our health.

In this spirit I want to share an interview I had the honor of conducting with Lewis Mehl-Madrona .

I’ve written about Lewis at other times in this space; he is a medical doctor of Native American origin, trained in three different fields, and he brings indigenous wisdom to healing through narrative and the power of stories.

Throughout his life, Lewis has bravely told a different story about health, well being, power and history.

When we talked this summer, I asked him:  So how do we change the collective story? 

His answer was: One elder told me, if you want to change the world start talking and keep talking—keep on putting the stories you want to hear into the world—keep telling them. 

We’re going to be bombarded with a lot of stories that we don’t want to be hearing.  Of course we need to pay attention to what’s happening on the big scale. But we can’t let it take up our whole mental space. We also need to remain open to other stories, other avenues of thought, other ways of relating to one another and to ourselves. And we need to also tell the stories of love, peace, and healing, stories of the values and mysteries that we also share.

Because our stories—the ones we tell about ourselves and our values— matter. Vitally.

I invite you to read the interview with Lewis Mehl-Madrona and to share it. The stories we tell have the power to make us sick and also to make us healthier.

Over the next few days, I will share some things that I love with you. Thank you for reading. As almost everything that we love is going to come under attack, from the environment to the arts, from equality to freedom, let’s all share what we love and let’s strengthen our health and well-being every way we can.

And, on the eve of this awful inauguration, I want to invite you to step into your story and into your voice from your aligned center.

For the next three days only, I’m offering a 25 percent discount on Align Your Story, my online class that brings together writing yoga and mediation for more aligned expression and being. We begin this week.  This is probably the cheapest you’ll ever get the class. Normally the class costs  $397, but in response to the inauguration, to encourage you to build your voice and your resilience, I’m offering the course for $297 just for this weekend, and once you sign up you have access for life.  If you’ve been on the fence, this is the time to sign up:

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You can read the interview with Lewis Mehl-Madrona about the healing power of narrative here. It will inspire you. I promise. 

with love and in peace,

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