It’s that time of year when the cicadas come out and the nights begin to get cooler.

It is good to be present with the warm days while knowing that fall is around the corner: another season, another cycle.

There are periods of transition that we may or may not be ready for (I’m never really ready for fall to come), and living in time means we’re constantly adjusting and re-adjusting, aligning and re-aligning. And sometimes we need to just jump onto the train of change without feeling 100% ready. 

Last year around this time, I went to an energy healer because I wanted some help shifting some habit energy. I didn’t expect to talk about my kids, but the imagery the healer was seeing brought the conversation to them. Simone was about to start middle school and Gabriel was about to start his junior year. At the end of the session, the healer said, “I think Gabriel is ready to spread his wings. Is he about to go on a solo trip or a journey to another country?” I thought for a moment, but the answer was no.

That night we went to Vermont. Gabriel was going to take the bus and join us the next afternoon for the weekend, and then we were going to go home and fly out to Portland Oregon on Monday for a family vacation. The next day, when we were in VT, we got a text from Gabriel (we don’t have cell connection and only communicate from the general store, which has wi-fi): instead of taking a bus to meet you in Vermont, I’d like to take the train across country and meet you in Oregon.

I was unprepared for this (except of course for the conversation with the energy healer!!)—I’d only just gotten used to his spending a night home alone. Now, with some of the money he’d saved working over the summer,  he wanted to take the train alone across the country.

After some backs and forth, Gabriel did end up taking the train alone to Oregon. He had a great time—met some people, got to walk around Chicago for a few hours, and enjoyed the views out the window, especially in the Dakotas.

I also felt like I’d jumped on a new train: the train of being a mom to a young adult, of Gabriel’s own growing independence, of time, movement, change—the train of our ever-shifting journey and adventure.

Sometimes, we might be timid or cautious around change, not sure if we are ready to take the next step. And sometimes change and growth come with the force of a fast-moving train, and whether we are ready or not, we find ourselves on it—moving to a new and unfamiliar destination.

This year, whenever I’ve met obstacles, I’ve tried to remember that train and have tried to get on whatever new adventure or opportunity presented itself with excitement and without fear.

As Gabriel is starting his senior year, I definitely am in the process of my own ongoing transformation, in many ways mourning that time of mothering little kids, already anticipating what it will be like to with Gabriel at college. And at the same time I’m trying to step up to what new adventures and growth might be in store.

Align Your Story and my in person writing workshops and retreats invite you to re-align your story, to step into the adventure of your life, to put aside your fears and jump onto the train of your own growth and transformation.

This is a time of rapid change not only individually, but also socially, and I believe we can best keep up and respond appropriately if we have the tools to stay in our own center, to be comfortable with change, and to keep on reconnecting to our own vitality, voice and energy.

In this time right after the eclipse, a time auspicious for change, I invite you to take a moment with these questions:  Are you more ready to step into new growth than you had perhaps imagined? What will that change look like, and how will you get the support you need to make it happen?

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day, wherever you are!

As always, please pass this on to any friends who might be interested, and reach out with questions or just to say hi. I love to hear from you.

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