Every day, I  hear from people who wish their writing were going more smoothly, or who wish they were writing and aren’t.

I want to give you some tools to make the creative process unfold with more ease.

Many of the tools and techniques that I’m going to be talking about can be helpful in all areas of life!

So many of us have areas of our life that aren’t going as smoothly as we want, or we can’t even find the time to do what we want to be doing. Something’s blocking us.

Sometimes those blocks are external. But very often those external blocks have become internalized.

So the first thing that I invite you to do is ask yourself:

What external blocks are keeping you from writing the way you want to write? Or is the challenge internal?

In this series of videos I give you tips for this process.

I talk about how I came to the unique method that I have–it wasn’t always easy for me!—and why I’m so passionate about it.

Here is the first video (the text is below and you can also get a audio link when you click on the video)

(You can click on video or this link here to watch)

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