Happy 2017! May the year be full of good surprises!

In numerology (which I don’t usually pay much attention to, but this speaks to me), 2017 is a year of 10, or new beginning, and I’m feeling that.

I wrote a whole blog post about how important it is in this time of transition, when we’re moving into a very uncertain future with dangerous leaders coming into Washington, to step up into our stories and why I think that is a form of activism, and then at the end of the post I listed my upcoming workshops and classes.

But I realized I wasn’t really owning my own message; what I was really doing in that first post was trying to explain why I think the work that I’m doing is important and why I’m excited about it, but I wasn’t being up front about it. So let me try to say it straight out:

I love and believe in the work I’m doing helping people own their own stories and creativity. I keep telling people that the work I do, and the work I’m encouraging them to do is an act of love and also a form of activism.

But I’m coming to think that might be redundant because increasingly I see love itself as the greatest form of activism. By love I mean true love that allows us to honor the integrity of all life, starting with our own, which can sometimes be the hardest to really embrace in its integrity.

Time and again, I see that when people are able to embrace their whole stories, their whole selves, with all the good and the bad and the ugly, the ups and the downs, the vulnerability and the strengths, they have more love for themselves and more love to go around.

And the work that people need to do to embrace their whole stories is both relatively simple and strangely difficult to find in our world. Because in order to embrace our whole stories, we need to embrace our whole selves: we need to bring together our mind and our body; we need to make space for spirit; we need to connect the head and the heart. This is essential work, but in our largely fragmented world, it’s not always easy to find.

A year ago, I created an online course, Align Your Story, to do this integrative work. I brought together my “head” work as a writer and scholar with my heart and with my body. I brought together writing, yoga and meditation, three practices that have been deeply important to me, but that, for years, felt fragmented.
I poured decades of my studies and experience into the course: the literature that I love, teachings from Thich Nhat Hanh and Christianne Northrup, meditation and yoga teachings I recorded on video and audio.

I’ve run the course three times now and am running it again starting in mid-January.

Each time I offer the course it’s an act of faith: who will find out about it? Will anyone sign up? And each time I offer the course, I’m so pleasantly delighted by the amazing people who sign up, by their openness, wisdom, insights. And by the growth that I see them doing in and through Align Your Story.

The course is open to professional writers and yoga teachers and also people who have no experience with writing or yoga. It helps you get through blocks and write the work you want to write. It helps you set up home writing, yoga and meditation practices, and it meets you where you are so that you can step into your bigger voice and into your own next chapter. 

I’d love it if you join me for our next session. And if you have friends who might be interested, please pass the information on to them.

I’ve recently redesigned the course page and I’m excited to share it with you here: https://www.nadiacolburn.com/alignyourstory.html

We will start the week of the inauguration. The course can help you find strength for the long term and will connect you with an amazing community of other people also committed to their growth, wholeness and voice.

This is what one student had to say about it:

From day one, Align Your Story is a thoughtful, engaging and inspiring series of modules that takes the writer on a deeply spiritual, soul-filling journey that has the potential to shift your life dramatically.  The yoga and meditation exercises were an unexpected bonus and gave consciousness and clarity to each of the writing practices.  I had never before written with so much freedom and personal insight as I did during Nadia’s course.   –Karen Biscoe

These next four years are going to call upon us to be our strongest—and that is just on the national front. Who knows what other life journeys we will be confronted with, what twists and turns? To prepare ourselves and to meet the present moment, with whatever we find ourselves in the midst of, we need to get comfortable with ourselves, with our bodies, our spirits, our voices.

We all need to continue to call our representatives, to donate time and money, and to try to address deep structural change, environmental stewardship and to reach out across populations and communities. But nothing is more radical or more revolutionary than really listening to ourselves, really tuning into our bodies, our creativity, our wholeness and our connectedness.

I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. I thought that with 30 years of good science we could address those problems. But I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy… and to deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation.—Gus Speth

I invite you to join me on a journey to commit to your own voice and alignment in 2017 and to invite your friends to join, too!

If you’re free this Saturday, I’d also love to see you at 1:30 for a live Align Your Story yoga and writing workshop at Om Namo center in Cambridge. We’ll reconnect with ourselves and see if we can shift into some joyful energy together: https://omnamocenter.com/align-your-story/

I have a few spaces left, as well, for my in person writing classes, which meet at my house on Mondays.

And, of course, Align Your Story, the online course, begins again on January 16th, and this time I’m offering both a classic and a premium plan, to give you more personalized guidance and support as you move through the course. See more here: https://www.nadiacolburn.com/alignyourstory.html

Contact me with any questions and I’m happy to answer them.

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