On Saturday, in the middle of a snowstorm, I led a two and a half hour yoga and writing workshop. I wanted to lead something joyful because I’ve been feeling some real heaviness in the air—especially in response to the political climate in America. And I personally was feeling like I needed a pick me up.I think of these pick me ups as healing boosts not just for individuals but also for our whole society, because who wants to let certain unnamed people have too much control over our inner lives? Claiming our joy is also an act of resistance. And we absolutely don’t need to be in denial to experience joy. We can let our joy and our sorrow, our joy and our rage stand right next to one another.

Anyway, after a yoga set and some writing and meditation, I asked the class if they were up for some dancing, and I was really happy when they said yes. So there we were, dancing to fun music on a snowy day. And the more we moved to the music, which I turned up loud, the more we shook out those toxins that were stored in us, the more I felt like we were, paradoxically, in real harmony with the snowy stillness and quiet of the day.

This is one of the things I love about bringing writing and yoga together; the practice allows us to open the door just a bit wider to the full range of our experiences and emotions. It allows our bodies, which hold so much, to open up a bit more, and to enter into a different kind of dialogue with us.

Even though we weren’t writing while we were dancing, I think we were more aware of the shifts in our energy and consciousness because we had brought our awareness into our practice and we had brought together our mind and body, our left and right brains. Indeed, most of the time when I talk about “writing” I’m not only thinking of writing on the page, but also, and perhaps more importantly, about our conscious awareness. When we direct attention to our body and energy, we can have greater access to awareness, well-being and creativity.

If you’d like to try some yoga and meditation together, I invite you to join my online course Align Your Story; we start next week. Although the course doesn’t include dancing, it invites you to enter into a more integrated relationship between the mind and body and to integrate mind and body to bring your writing—and your life—to the next level. See more here.

Here is what one past participant said about the healing she experienced through the course:

 I have one functional vocal chord and one paralyzed vocal chord.  There are moments in my life when energy flows freely through me, and in those moments I am able to speak without strain or pain. These moments are rare. Most of the time I have great difficulty moving my voice from my belly up to my vocal chords and through my mouth. I’m so grateful for Align Your Story. I’ve tried many forms of healing, and have been so stuck for a long time, but things in me are moving now. I’ve been working my way through the course at my own pace and have experienced a freeing up of my energy and a lot of relief in my symptoms. My voice is getting stronger. I’m finding ways to connect it to my body differently. I’m coming back to life. In the time of this course alone, I’ve started two new projects, two blogs that I wanted to create for a long time. –Cathy K.

I’m also hosting an in-person four week Narrative Healing Session at Om Namo Yoga Studio in Cambridge starting Wednesday January 26th. This will be a very powerful, healing class that helps us break through blocks, uplift our energy and listen to our bodies in new ways. The course will give you some tools to do that both in the studio and at home. Class size is limited to six, so there will be community and plenty of individualized attention. See more here.

And finally, I’ll be offering another yoga writing workshop at Om Namo on March 11th.

Reach out to me, as always, with any questions.  I love to hear from you!

And please share this newsletter and resources with anyone who might be interested. Thank you! I’m so glad you are part of this community.

I’ll write again later this week with another story of the mind-body connection that helped me unlock some deep healing.


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