Today is the last day to sign up for Align Your Story at the sale price, and I’m so excited to start the course again today! I won’t be offering the course at this price again (if ever) for at least nine months.
This course is for you if:
* You feel out of sorts with yourself and want to come into better alignment
* You would like to access more ease in your writing (in any genre, including business writing) and in your life in general
Since some of you have had questions about how the course actually works, I made a little video that walks you through the nuts and bolts of the course, what is in it, how students interact with it, and more; you can watch the video below.
All the course material is housed online where you can access it at any time—forever—and go through at your own pace.
Each module has a different theme, such as Freewriting, Deep Listening, Childhood, Revision and more.
The lesson for each module guides you through the ideas of the module so that you can approach your writing (and your life) from new perspectives. It is delivered in both text and audio format so you can read or listen at your convenience.
Each module also comes with close readings of exemplary texts from my favorite authors, across time and genres, from Rumi to Tolstoy, Emily Dickinson to Zora Neale Hurston.
Each module also comes with carefully selected meditations and yoga practices.

The meditations help you clear the static from your mind and access deeper, clearer insights and creativity.
The yoga helps you clear stagnant energy from your body and access the stories and the wisdom that your body carries.
There are more than 90 carefully selected writing prompts that guide your writing, whether you’re new to writing or whether you take the course to help you work on a book project.
In addition, for each module there is a live group coaching call with me where you can ask questions, where we practice together, and where we discuss the course material. These calls are always recorded if you can’t make them live.
And there is an active, ongoing facebook group with writers around the world.

If you are looking for a traditional course where you hand in work each week for feedback, this course is not for you. 

If you are looking for a course that guides you to become your own best witness and write more deeply, freely,  creatively,  and powerfully, this course is for you.  

It’s for writers working in any genre and at any level; the course meets you where you are.

You can, and are encouraged to, share writing on the facebook group. And if you do the premium plan, you get lots of one-on-one support including editorial support to finish and polish a piece, from me. But the main focus is not on editorial critique, but instead on learning to take risks, expand your range and trust your own voice.

Why sign up?
*) This course will guide you to write the work you’ve always wanted to write.
*) The course guides you towards better writing and also better living.

*) Students in the course have started new blogs, finished books projects, and “found” their authentic voices. 

*) Students have also reported finding their authentic self and purpose and coming into greater emotional and physical health.  
Still not sure? 

The course starts TODAY, but if you don’t have much time, you can go through the course at your own pace. There is no falling behind because you have lifetime access.
And if you don’t like the course after completing the first two modules, you’ll get a full refund. So you have nothing to lose.
Until this evening, the basic plan is on sale for $449 and the premium plan (with hours of one-on-one coaching and more) is on sale for $997. Then the prices go back up to $669 and $1399 and won’t come back down for at least nine months)

Investing in the course is like buying a life-long enrollment into a writing and a personal growth community with coaching support from me. A single one-on-one session with me normally costs $197 but the course gives you hours of live time with me, facebook support, and a wealth of material you can access for life (watch the video below). 

Payment plans are available (where we split the cost into two or three payments but I won’t charge you extra)—just reach out to me through email or phone: 617-785-6627. I will work with you to make this course accessible to you if you want to take it!
See more and sign up here today:

If you think you might want to take the course at some point, this is the time to sign up.
Pllease take a few minutes to watch the video I made which walks you through how the course actually works and answers a lot of questions. 

And if you have any questions you’d like me to answer or just want to chat about whether this course is for you, as I said, reach out to me.

With love, 

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