I’m very excited to start the next round of my online writing course Align Your Story this Monday, April 9th! After Monday, the price goes up and I won’t be offering the class again for nine months.
I love this course and community and I’m excited to share it with you!

I believe in the course so much that if you are not satisfied with it after doing the work of the first two modules, I’ll refund your entire tuition.
So, why do I want people to sign up?
I created this course to help people—at a low price—honor and integrate their voice and their authentic self because that is something that I care so much about.
This integration is something that our world often doesn’t give us much support in—we can often feel cut off from ourselves and our voice.
But when we ground our writing work in deep inner work, the rewards are almost limitless.
We can come out of stress and write (and live) with much more ease, power and courage.
Most writing classes focus only on craft and technique. This class is different because it asks you to listen deeply to your own voice and calling; it guides you to explore, step out of judgment-mind and integrate mind and body.
So many writers are often anxious and unhappy, but it doesn’t need be this way.
So many people shy away from writing because they don’t consider themselves “real writers.” This is a lost opportunity.
Align Your story gives you support. You’ll be inspired by the texts we study, and by the writing of your peers in the class.
Inside the course, you can choose from several different “tracks” how you interact with the material and then come back and try another track later when you have more time.
Once you enroll, you have lifetime access to all the material. And you’ll be part of a lifelong world-wide community of supportive, engaged and inspiring writers.
You’ll also get direct support from me in the facebook group and on the coaching calls.
And a bonus for the first 20 people who sign up for either plan ALSO get a thirty minute one-on-one session with me. There are a few slots left.
But my biggest why is seeing the students who have already taken the course flourish. This is what some of them have said about Align Your Story:
I had never before written with so much freedom and personal insight as I was compelled to during Nadia’s course. 
Working with Nadia through Align Your Story allowed me a depth of internal movement and self-integration that infused new life and strength into my path and voice.”
(see more below)
I try to keep the price low for this course so that more people can access it. It is on sale now with a discount of more than $200 for the basic plan and more than $400 for the premium plan. If you sign up with a friend, you each get an additional 15% discount. After April 9th, the price goes back up.

See more about the course and sign up here 
You have nothing to lose:
Worried you don’t have time?  Don’t worry, sign up now and do what you can now and more later–you have lifetime access.
Worried you can’t do the yoga? There are several ways to interact with the course. Do the no-yoga track this time
Worried it’s not for you? My money back guarantee ensures that if you try the course and are not happy with it, you’ll be refunded.
Sign up by April 9th ; give yourself the permission to invest in yourself and honor your own voice and integration.
I promise you, you will grow in this class and when you look back, the investment will seem small in comparison to what you gain!
What more people have said:
Nadia’s course, which combines yoga, meditation and serious literary work, catalyzed a fundamental change in how I approach my writing, and now, I write with enthusiasm and minimal anxiety. Align Your Story finally allowed me to achieve coherence between my spiritual, physical and creative lives—something I’d been looking for that all of my life without knowing where to find it.
“The revisions I’ve done since taking this course have seemed so much truer to my own voice…and my work is much more powerful as a result.”
I know that I wouldn’t have been able to come back to myself fully as a writer had it not been for this course or to come back to my faith in my own abilities.”
My voice is getting stronger. I’m finding ways to connect it to my body differently. I feel like this course is an amazing countainer that holds me and protects me so I can do the things I need to do. It’s like a womb and I’m coming back to life. In the time of this course alone, I’ve started two new projects, two blogs that I wanted to create for a long time. 
At last I discovered a writing mentor, Nadia Colburn, who dares to value both the craft of writing and one’s personal journey of body, mind, spirit and voice.
I found my way into the course during a time of navigating several transitions and personal challenges this winter, including the loss of a loved one. In the midst of all this, I found that the tools Nadia offered were a helpful way to process what I was experiencing, offering both a chance to look inward as well as to join together with a community…accompanying one another on transformational journeys. 
Since taking Align Your Story, my writing, my sense of self, and my ability to find my center have all shifted to a place of greater clarity. Thank you, Nadia!
The combination of readings, writing exercises, yoga practices and meditation made me unfold layer by layer until I found me, my real me, myself. 
Align Your Story’s approach to writing as storytelling made me lighter and happier.  What I have found with Align Your Story: a new relationship to myself.
See more and sign up now here

As always, please share this email with any friends (if you sign up with a friend, you each get a 15% discount). 

And I love to hear from you; send me an email with questions or just to say hi!

with love, 

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