This happens to me every year: suddenly, without my knowing quite how it happened, it’s the holiday season again. The days are getting darker, and I wonder where all the time has gone.

Life passes so quickly! It’s a challenge to keep up, to pay attention and to maintain perspective.

And when I feel pressed for time, I get stressed, and then, when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I often fall back into old patterns: Am I enough? Have I done everything I’m supposed to do? Did I do a good enough job? 

My adult mind understands that this is old self-talk, that these worries miss the mark of what’s really important, but these old thoughts are powerful, nonetheless.

But this pattern was imprinted on me when I was much younger—as so many of our concerns stem from old patterns.

Our writing life can often be overtaken by similar old stress patterns. We worry we’re not good enough and we block our own creative voice. We worry we need to follow someone else’s rules.

That’s a real shame. Exactly because we have only limited time on this complicated earth spinning through outer space, we can give ourselves the freedom to be ourselves. In this dark universe, we can all shine our individual lights a bit brighter….

I recently wrote an article about this for Tiny Buddha that I’ve also put on Medium. In it, I talk about how loving my children unconditionally helped me assume a new perspective on my own creative voice.

I’ve come to see not only in myself, but also in my teaching, that when writers try too hard to be “good,” we keep ourselves small and prevent ourselves from ever reaching our full potential (let alone actually enjoying the process)!

The question of whether you are “good enough” comes from feeling judged, and this restricts us. We experience ourselves as lacking, and a sense of lack leads in turn to our not being able to inhabit our full selves, to our making poor decisions and to living in constricted ways….. Sometimes we think that if we accept that we’re already good enough, we’ll stop growing, learning, stretching. But quite the opposite. It’s only when we really accept who we are that we’re able to do our biggest, most exciting growth.

You can read the full article here

(If it’s behind a paywall for you, you should be able to access it here)

I want to tell you about some upcoming events, including two free online events for the holiday season:

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I’m excited to be hosting a FREE live online webinar with my friend Daisy Swan, a career coach. We’ll bring together our experience as writing and career coaches to help you find your aligned path.

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